Making My Response A Post

I just finished telling you all a good story in my previous posts, so now I’m going to answer the question you may be having over why I don’t have more stories like that about other things about women.

  If you’ve been with for a long time, and/or reading old video descriptions on there very thoroughly and very much, you may’ve heard some of what I said in these little stories around now before.

  The woman from the office in the previous stories was a sort of goal for all time woman, meaning if I can find another woman just like that, then one of my goals in life will have been accomplished! I know it’s pitiful to have goals in life like that, but still. If you think I’m pitiful because of that, then fuck you. Anyways, I did kind of had some other women on that level sort of. For breasts, I don’t really need to tell you the story here because I’m going to get around to publishing it all in the Member’s Area, but I can tell you that I had this video of lots of tit moving for a long time that pretty much failed to come out, but now I’ve finally found a woman to put out that fire who’s going up in the next update. Here she is:

So that puts out that fire. The video could’ve been aimed a lot better, so I still have something to look forward to in the future on this note.
Another thing I want to get. I’d shot this video of a woman with a shelf booty that WAS NOT as big as some of the shelves you’ve seen on blackstreetbbw, but her daugheter was leaning on it! The girl actually stood at that level and the mom was standing there telling me to go away, but how could I when her little girl had her arms folded on mom’s butt and had her head down on them?!
But I only really have two REAL ‘legendary goals’ left after all that I’ve done, (although I want to see a child leaning on an ass again!) and I already described the thigh-calf monster one. The other? Well this is the weird part. I want to videotape a true amazon. I’m not talking six feet even here. I’m 6’4”, so I’m talking taller than me! Call that strange, but that’s something I’ve always wanted to tape since right after I got my real life proof that they exist when I saw one when I was at the old mall that they tore down that I’d gone to spend my ‘lunch’ break at back when I worked at the McDonald’s across the street. That woman had to be about 6’8”, and she actually was technically tapable because, unlike many women that are real amazonly, she actually did look like a woman! For real! It was seeing her that made me want to start carrying a camera around so I could tape fantastic women I saw in my life. It wasn’t the last straw in getting me to start blackstreetbbw, so it took a few years for me to finally buy a cam and begin, but it was the first straw. She was kind of cute, but she was older than me, and I will be the first one here to admit I don’t know how to holla at a girl that’s 6’8”. Prior to this entry I’d only told that to a girl who found me through YouTube (Yes, YouTube). She was pretty interesting to talk to, so we send some emails back and forth for a while. But now that I’ve told all of you that story of that tall girl first straw I bet you’re glad I found her!

Time to Make A Post About Thighs


I’d said something in my last post about this ‘woman’ with record setting sized big fat calves plus big thighs of course, so I thought since I’d deleted the moment I’d been talking about I should at least show give you something you could actually look at that I taped recently. But the woman I’d described the other day… her calves were bigger than this girl above’s thighs. Man, those calf things she had going on… those things had looked like barrels! But I think that maybe, even if you like bbws, you’re probably better off having NOT seen them.

  That woman I’d mentioned before in the last post… her calves were HUGE!!!!! But… I had very little time to tape her before she squeezed into the driver’s seat, I was already in a panicky state trying to film in the Wal-Mart parking lot with the security truck looking for me and when I got shocked over the masculinity of her appearance I had to stop taping her immediatley and delete the file because if I got caught, I didn’t want to go down over something like that. That deletion left my memory card blank because I’d just switched to a fresh one. Everything happened so fast I saw her and went to tape her without even thinking, and her size hadn’t even fully registered in my mind yet because size that great takes a second to squeeze through my mental processing. Then I saw her face and heard her speak… she looked and sounded a lot like a man with her face and voice and haircut… but she dyed her hair a shade of silver I think and she was at least pushing 40, and I was thinking after I got home that only Dennis Rodman wouldn’ve gone out looking like that at that age or something. But I remember thinking while she was still there when I took another look now that I could see her from behind that there’s no way she could be a ‘he’ because there’s now way a man could have that much fat on his lower half; be so bottom-heavy!

  In the office where I used to work there was this man (yes, MAN), who had more ass than any man I’ve ever seen in my life. Man, his butt was nasty. At one point afterward though I thought of how good it could be if he had a daughter though. Men can pass on genes for ass (Right?) and can carry them too, but us men aren’t supposed to actually have big ass like that. I’m kind of thinking it must be like genes for height for women. Women are supposed to grow sooner and shorter, so a couple could have a boy and a girl and give them each the same ammount of gene for height but the boy will be taller because it takes more height gene for a girl to reach the same height. So this chick I saw a few years ago that was about 6’8” must’ve had a tremendous ammount of height gene, a lot more even than it looked like she had (BTW, that girl looked WAY more feminine than the big calf woman I’ve been talking about!). So if it’s like that for men a asses so it takes WAY more ass gene to get a man to have the same bulging ass… MAN that guy must’ve been packing some SERIOUS booty baby producing genes! All he’d need is a woman with a decent behind behind her and we’re talking about that couple producing the next generation of uniquely made divas here! I remember the women used to make fun of that guy. This one plumper lady I remember her joking on him to another “I don’t trust no man with a butt bigger than mine!” That shit was funny. But that guy went on some kind of diet, even though he was old and he was still fat but he lost the ass. Good for him, because that means people don’t have to vomit when they see him any more! That was the most bottom heavy brother I’ve ever seen in my entire life (I’ve seen ’em fatter, and you have too, but never ever that bottom heavy. Man, that man was disgusting to see.), and since the huge calf woman was bigger than that on the bottom, I knew she couldn’t be a man. Still, I’m only mostly, not entirely, sure it was better to delete her, ’cause she was ugly enough she probably looks better in your mind. But if I’d kept the footage for a pic at least like ‘Sookyant’ commented and said I should’ve then you’d be able to be the judge. The best part of seeing her was the proof it gave me that there were more ‘super ridiculous calf women’ out there, like the one I’m describing below:

 At that same exact office, before I ever started taping or photographing women, I saw the biggest thighed woman I’d ever seen in my life ever. This woman had more thigh than any woman that I’ve seen on the internet or even TV that could still walk around! Go to and have a look around there and know this- NONE of those women had thighs the size of this woman’s thighs! Her legs were so fat that even if she stood with her legs apart all the way (I say ‘all the way’ instead of just ‘apart’ because, you know, her legs were too big for her to put her feet together.) and her legs would press together all the way down to her ANKLES! This woman was for thighs and calves what UniquelyMadeDiva is for ass! And that brings me on to the discussion of this second woman’s (the first ‘ridiculous calf woman’ I’d ever seen, not the second one, who I finally finished describing above.) calves.

   Man, her calves truly looked like there were balls, around the size of basketballs, underneath her spandex pants. (Obviously the only kind of pants she could find that fit!). When she sat down next to me in the next cubicle (Or did I sit down next to her?) her calves were squeezed down by her thighs so you they covered up the back of her sneakers (yes, they let her wear low-top sneakers to the office). Those bulging calf bags hung down over so low they ALMOST touched the floor! That’s[when she was sitting] when I noticed her behind. Not nearly big enough to not be eclipsed by those thighs and calves. I remember describing her to co-workers on the Burger King job I used to have. I remember seeing her struggling to haul herself over to the ladies room this one time, and I use that mental video as my reference video of her moving. MercedesBBW is not the only website I’ve gone to and seen huge thighs- I’ve seen some other HUGE ones- but never on the ‘net have I seen legs that big ever on a woman who was able to walk. The only woman I remember seeing on the ‘net with bigger legs was a white woman named ‘Gina’ that weighed over 900 pounds!

 I wanted that woman again one more time, or a woma just like her, so I could tape her calves, but that ugly one was not just like her. Her huge calves were much firmer with lots of visible cellulite because she was wearing capri cut tights, and she was too ugly.   Maybe I shoud’ve entitled this post ‘Time to Make A Post About Calves’… but I wanted to use the picture gallery (I just figured galleries on here out by trying one, and I like them, so I’ll do more in the future- More pics for you here!) above of the girl with thighs that I found on my recent trip to the discount grocery store to save money.

Ok, Somebody Left a Comment, So I Can Get Back to Blogging Now

Still, though, if you have anything to say about, ESPECIALLY if it has anything to do with the ‘plans for the rest of ’08’ post below, please say it!

  I just wanted to tell everybody about this weird nasty masculine looking woman I almost taped but deleted as soon as I taped one glimpse! I saw this woman outside ghetto Wal-Mart today that had these HUGE CALVES!!!! I mean HUGE! I remember in the past I saw this woman who worked in this office I used to work in who calves so big the looked like she had balls under her spandex pants (obviously the only pants she could get her huge legs into). And of course her thighs were the biggest ones I’ve ever seen in my life. I’d wondered if I’d ever see another woman like that, but the internet gave me hope. A lot of hope. Then I got more hope when I saw this woman today, but she looked too much like a dud in the face that I couldn’t tape her! But man, her calves were bigger than most women’s THIGHS are able to get! I don’t mean normally get on thin or normal women- no! I mean her CALVES were bigger than most THICK thigh women’s THIGHS are able to get! That’s how big they were! And they weren’t balls that almost touched the floor hanging down behind her like the woman I described above that I worked with. They were like barrel shaped! And they were almost as wide as her thighs were! And she had to have her knees wrapped so she could walk and she had a big butt and sounded kind of like a dude, but I was like, “No MAN could have legs this big… right?” WHOA!

Too bad the hope I got didn’t make today a good day at all.

Why Won’t Anyone leave Comments?!

I’m not going to keep writing entries in here often like this if nobody’s going to leave any comments.

  Okay, maybe I will, but I thought that if I asked people thier opinions and told people what I’m up to and what will go on my website in the future people would leave comments, but no one is leaving any. Does this mean nobody cares? I wanted to start writing some posts about my most recent candid video trips and the kind of bbws I came back with videos of, but I’m not writing a thing until somebody leaves a comment on one of the other posts in this blog!

Please Leave a Comment for the Previous Post!

Maybe I’m being a little impatient, but I was really hoping to see some comments on the last post by now. If you read any of it at all, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! I told everybody everything I was planning because I will have a very hard time improving without feedback! I’m trying to make the site better, but doing that will be a struggle if people won’t tell me what they want or what they think about the ideas I put up. Please leave comments on here or on the website!

 Also, remember the half price special is still going on at! Not very many people have taken advantage of it yet, and it will be over on sunday! If you want to join even a little, JOIN NOW because it will only cost you a little! You can join for $1.50!!! You will never see a price that low on a bbw paysite!

Blackstreetbbw’s Plans for the Rest of ’08!

Please comment on this post!
I’ve gotten about 2 days behind on the little stuff I said I’d do, but I’m still doing it, and in the meantime I want to tell you what I plan to do on my website over the course of the rest of this year, then I’ll tell you about how what I said I’d be doing in previous posts went.

 The first thing I plan on doing is making a little Clip Store on my site to replace my Clips4SaleStore, which is hard to promote seperately and costs a lot. I plan to offer Clips by Email to people who don’t want to get a subscription to deal with, or who only want one or two clips and that’s all, or to let members buy future videos that I want to share now but that are slated for future updates. (I’m still sticking to the idea of always going through my future archive folders in order, no matter how good some future stuff may be. Plus, it’s good to have a bright future to look forward to!). With Clips by Email, people will be able to buy one clip for $1.50, tow for $2.75 or 3 for $3.50, which is about what a monthly membership will cost starting next week.

  The membership options starting next week will be: monthly memberships for $3.50. Standard memberships for 5.95. Three month recurring for $7.50. Six Month Loyalty for $14. It will rebill once at $14, then allow people who are still a member after an entire year to get a rate close to what the original members got of $2.50 for each two months. My first member ever is still a member and paying that rate, as are a few others! I think the loyalty rate will be $3.25 for two months, so the term for the Six Month Loyalty will switch to Bi-monthly for about $3.25 after one year. One Time for $4 will allow people to join for one month ONLY after which thier membership will expire.

  The Clips By Email will work like this: There will be clips all over the page with check boxes under them. When users click the submit button thier email and the videos they checked will be emailed to me and they will be taken to the page with the PayPal payment buttons that they’ll need to use to pay for one, tow or three clips at a time. Once they’ve paid, I will send them the video links, or the actual videos attached if they will fit on an email. Any other files (Vidcaps, raw files etc) that are associated with the videos will be free for purchasing the main video. Movie Length Files will count as two videos. Non-members will be able to request any video that is shown on the tour pages if it’s not in the store and they want it, and members will be able to request videos from the previews that aren’t in the member’s area, but I won’t make the vids until after they are paid for. Once videos are paid for I will send the email with the links to the orderer in 24 hours or less.

I also plan on taking longer trips in the end of the summer if I can. If I can get my money together soon enough and the weather stays warm enough long enough I’ll probably even go out of state for a while, but I might not do that this summer. I WILL at least go the the next town this summer. I plan on getting near the beach, but in order to actually shoot candid videos ON the beach, I’m going to want the secret camera sunglasses and a new video recorder, stuff I won’t be able to afford until ’09. I’ve already shot a lot less ghetto Wal-Mart videos, and will continue to shoot less of them like I am now, so you’re going to see the new places I’ve been to as I get to those updates. Remember, I always have lots of footage I haven’t posted yet.

   When I get the money, I’m considering doing a candid video contest where members can submit thier own candid video stuff for the chance to win a small cash prize and “a little fame”. Speaking of submitting your own stuff, I’m starting a Yahoo Group for blackstreetbbw about that.
Oh, and more on the new camera stuff- I saw this camera system onlin that’s smaller than what I have now and can make 640×480 videos at 30fps! Awesome! It will be awesome to have videos that big again and have 30 frames per second instead of the 20 we’re dealing with right now. 20 frames just doesn’t show enough jiggle to me.
I’ll also be adding stories to the Bonus Section, and games too later on! I canwrite code in Visual Basic, so I can make some games by hand. First I want to make a simple game of ‘memory’, but someday I want to make game(s) about candid videography. I’m also going to do the compilation video requests that people had put in, repost some videos from other areas of the site in special sections in the Bouns Section plus more stuff. I even plan on doing some morphs and even morphing videos after I find a good morphing program. If anybody knows a good photomanipulation program they’d reccommend that I can get for free let me know!

I’ve got a little more planned, but I think this is enough for one post! Oh, and some of you make sure you tell me what you think about the Clips By Email idea! I don’t have any real online programming stuff to let you do it all online, so I’ll be doing it by email to make sure it all works.

Half Price Special!

 I’m running a half price special this week on the site! Anybody who JOINS blackstreetbbw will be able to do it cheap cheap cheap this week, and ONLY this week!
For members there will also be minor updating this week, starting at the end of today. I forgot to post the video for the Breasts Section for the update on the 14th somehow, so look for that:

and other minor fixes in that section. Tomorrow I will be adding a few descriptions to the Butts Section.

Jonas just started a contes at BBWSource! I’m going to enter it! You should too if you have something to enter with. Seeing that contest has given me a desire to go on an all-out candid field trip. I want to get on the bus and ride over to the next town and see what I can see. If I go, I’ll tell you what I saw of what I saw when I get back. But… I really need to stay at home for a while, too, because I need to work on the at-home part of blackstreetbbw. I’ve got promotion I really need to be doing, and I’ve got to get these little updates and other things fixed up so I can prepare for my next real update.

I really hope the special brings in more than one member a day.

For the Very First Time Ever I Will Tell You About One Of My RECENT Candid Days!

Not one of my most recently POSTED ones on like I always did before.
My posts prior to this were mainly for people who were first discovering blackstreetbbw thru this blog. This one’s for the current members of the site
About a week ago I think I mentioned how I was going to go catch the bus somewhere and I was hoping to come back with some hot stuff. Well, I came back with some hot Thigh stuff. I found the first hot woman AS SOON as I stepped outside! Then I found the second one- the big curved round pregnant one who you can’t tell is pregnant from the pic- at the bus station later on:


But the coolest part of this trip on this very hot day was the one that actually was the lowest quality one. There was this bbw of low-average quality, but seeing her made my day because… Well, she had some items in a walker thing and she didn’t want or wasn’t totally easily able to take her hands off it to use the regular door so she had to squeeze around the revolving door with that walker thing. Her butt was rubbing on the outside of the glass of the door the entire way around! I am SO glad I had my cam at the ready so I could catch that very brief vid, but since it was in my pocket and I whipped it out and it had to adjust to the light from the window I was BARELY fast enough to get that at all. Just barely! I got a little more of her being stuffed in there because she stopped for a very quick breather before walking out of the doorway and completely into the bus station… and straight to the snack vending machine.

 But this hot day that I’m talking about that occured the otherwas not totally good! I did something miraculously stupid that day! You know what I did? I put on my deodorant, but I only put it under one arm! WTF! How did I do that?! That created an embarrasing situation that day when I put the wrong arm up and somebody told me to put it back down!

Thanks for Clicking the BBWRegistry Link!

This isn’t on blackstreetbbw yet.
My internet connection went to bed at 11 this morning and suddenly came back on at 6:35. Not only that, it became RELIABLE! All night and early morning when I was expecting it to work just great in was going on and off. Work five minutes, break for ten. Arrg. But it’s been working flawlessly since it came back on 4 hours ago. It’s a shame my internet service acts so bad at times that I’m actually happy it’s on at all. It’s almost like I’m in one of those foreign cities where the power and stuff is only on for a couple hours a day or something. Didn’t make a lot of money today, but I guess I ‘didn’t need it’ becaue rent was due today and the rent man, who said don’t mail the rent I’ll ocme pick it up this time, went to the next town to do some business instead of coming by. Still, I know I’m gonna need the money to come in, so anybody who wants access to videos of curvy bbws needs to go on over to blackstreetbbw and support me by spending a little money on something you really enjoy. 🙂 I guess today wasn’t bad though. Even though I blackstreetbbw fell off the first page of the BBWRegistry (even though I improved the links page today [hope I didn’t do more harm than good somehow by using a picture text link from the Registry instead of big plain text.]), it was on it in the last spot for the lion’s share of the day, and as a direct result got an all-time high number of visitors for the day! The day’s still counting, so I’ll tell you how well we did tomorrow. Thanks to everybody who clicked thier link! Keep clicking! If you’re visiting blackstreetbbw from here, make sure you visit the Links Page too and click the BBWRegistry Link, plus whatever other links you want to click! Vote for blackstreetbbw!
Fell asleep while I was trying to make this entry, and woke up at this point. I got 590 visitors to blackstreetbbw over the day that ended while I was asleep, then my internet connection went down until right now. 590 visitors is the largest number of visitors blackstreetbbw’s ever gotten in a singel day! But I guess most of the people who came from there were skimming through the list, because the average visitor only looked at two pages while they were here when I usually get that average to almost three. Or sometimes more. Funny, but I didn’t get as many pageloads as before. I get the most visitors from 6pm to 11 pm eastern time in a day. At 11 people suddenly stop coming, then all of a sudden they start again ta midnight. Weird, but it seems that 11 o’clock stop stopped me from beating my pageload record for this week, even though I beat my visitor record of all time.

Some of you may have noticed I’ve dressed the Home, Links, and Preview Pages up some. Do you think that made things better? I added YouTube Previews so people wouldn’t have to wait for the previews to download, there are pics there now that are bmps, so they take a second to load, and before they do the words they’re behind are easier to read, then they appear while you’re off the page or waiting for the download and I think that’s actually kind of cool. But I do wonder if the new pics on these 3 pages are encouraging or somehow discouraging. I also made the Joining Page’s existance a little more obvious. It dawned on me that maybe a FEW people come by and don’t even realize this is a site you’re suppsoed to pay to join… or is anybody that dense or in a rush that they miss that?
Why don’t you take a look, if you haven’t already, and tell me if you think it looks a little better now or what? Also, if you’re not a member of and are not going to become one, it would be real useful to me if you told me here or there why you’re not joining. I mean, it only costs $3 and I pour my heart into my work, so if people aren’t joining, it obviously isn’t too expensive or I’m not doing anything!

Back Online Now

Not much of a post today. I just wanted to get on here again and say SOMETHING about why I wasn’t on here earlier. I have internet access at home of course, but there are a lot of things in life it that you’ll never see on the brochure. In order to find THAT out you have to bring it home. They tell you about how fast the connection you’re getting is and what it’ll cost you, but Cox Cable doesn’t tell you that traffic will determine how well you can connect. Sometimes, in the peak hours of the afternoon in your area you won’t be able to go online at all, or if traffic spikes on a particular day or you just get unlucky. I was offline from 10 am until 8 pm yesterday, so I go zero done online ’cause I didn’t trust the connection yet when it finally first turned back on. What good is speed in gridlock?

 The connection came alive briefly 2 or three times during the day at unexpected times, and I used one of those very brief windows to email and aske them why I hadn’t recieved my registration email so I couldn’t post vids. I know they deleted my last account, but I was going to use a different email and post different kinds of vids, but I guess I only got one chance with them. Now I’ve checked my inbox, and it looks like I won’t be getting my registration email or my help email now.

  And for the people who found out about this blog from instead of the other way around, I won’t be posting any more posts anytime soon telling you what you already know by telling what blackstreetbbw’s about. I plan on typing an entry tomorrow that’ll actually be interesting- if I can get my internet connection to work!

 Screw DailyMotion and Cox Cable.

Time for Me to Finally Officially Tell You What Http:// is All About.


 You see that? That’s what kind of women I’m looking for every day. I always bring a camera with me everywhere I go, so in case I see a woman like one of the ones in the pictures above or something close I can videotape her! Then I’ll be able to post her video on my website!

  There are a lot of websites out there about candid camera PICTURES, but few about VIDEO. Blackstreetbbw is about VIDEO! And all the other sites out there are about skinny white teens on beaches and illegal shots. Of all the sites on the internet, you can count the ones that are even vaguely like mine on one hand, and there are no other sites just like it. Http:// is the only paysite in the world about candid videos of BBWs! …And of course you see the pregnant woman on the banner. A lot of men (not most, but a lot more than you think.) think pregnant women can be hot but won’t admit it. I am pretty much the only guy on the internet willing to videotape a pregnant woman without her permission, although a tiny few guys will take a still picture. I can’t really advertise pregnant women like I can big breast or booty women because when people on YouTube see something like that thye have it banned, and DailyMotion deleted my whole account when I posted a candid pregnant video on there- like the day after I posted it! But yeah, that’s what it’s about so now let me show you some of what you’ll find on blackstreetbbw on video:

Not a Great Day: Delivered Half My Promise

Http:// .

  Well, I went back to look at the last time the non-member’s pages were updated as I was adding new material on top of the newest stuff on them. My last posted update there- and I remember posting updates around that time in kind of a rush- was in early february! It’s been FIVE MONTHS!!! I lived up to my promise, but only updated the smaller 3 of the 6 Sections:, and! Now I have to do some work and get the rest posted today. Maybe updating the nonmember’s area thing’s working, because I hit 1350 views on yesterday, a number I haven’t made or surpassed in a long time… but it might’ve had something to do with things beyong my control, because I didn’t do that with my usual number of visitors. Nope, I did it with 457 visitors- over 9% more than the largest number of visitors I remember having when I wasn’t smashing my own records, and over 100 visitors more than what I’d get on a bad day. Still though, I’m sure the updated pages had something to do with that. Sadly, all that extra activity didn’t result in even a single new member yesterday. Traffic was up a lot for my Clips for sale store too, but no sales there either. And I was so on target to hit my financial goals for the day with all the rebill recurring payments that came in in the morning. Got a great start, then no sales.

When I was going back through old tour pages to copy HTML to make the newer ones I noticed all the prices posted were out of date! First thing I thought was, ‘was this posted pricing inconsistency what had cost me new members? I know I didn’t like that kind of thing when I thought I was seeing it as I signed up to get my domain and webspace when I was setting up the site, and wondered if it had irked some people out of joining. I fixed just about all of it, but a lot of the newly updated Tour Pages are missing text and have typos, so I wondered if the bonus of the fixing has been cancelled out by slopover. I hope the newness puts everything ahead.

  Here’s the big reason everything didn’t get done yesterday. The day killer! I went out to the other Wal-Mart to go shoot some videos. I was really tired from working, but I felt like going out of the house and you know you never know what woman you’ll see if you don’t go out. If you stay at home the only ones you’ll see are on TV. I went out, and I stopped at 7-Eleven. It was 7-Eleven’s birthday, so they were giving free Slurpees to everybody. I got one on that hot day, and that’s the only good thing that happened to me that day. I stopped by another store on my way over to the Wal-Mart.

Hmmm… what’s this? An email just came in? Then my GoDaddy email just logged me out for inactivity right before I could click the tab… A new member today already? Yay! Now I don’t have to worry about today being like yesterday as long as my morning rebills come in.

Anyways, back to the blog. Yesterday was the WORST DAY of candid videography I’ve ever had in almost three years where I didn’t get caught and punished. I got to the store, all tired and stuff hoping I’d see somethign that’d make my long trip worth it. I had 90 minutes where I had to stay in the store because I couldn’t go to the mall (I’ll tell you about that maybe the day after tomorrow or the day after that), and 30 minutes wouldn’t be enough, so since the bus runs every HOUR it’d have to be AN HOUR and 30 minutes. During that entire time I only saw two good looking women. One AS SOON as I got there who was leaving when I saw her, and one right as I was leaving whos was getting ready to exit when I saw her, and that was it. I couldn’t find any decent women anywhere! I couldn’t even find a woman that was mediocre! I was really really looking forward to even a mildly iffishly attractive woman. Man, I couldn’t even find medium, let alone good. The store may as well’ve been full of men because I was in there for SEVENTY-FIVE MINUTES before I found one other woman at all worth taping. And she wasn’t even that special:

The long-awaited medium quality bbw who stopped me from going 90 minutes solid without seeing a single attractive female in here.
The long-awaited medium quality bbw who stopped me from going 90 minutes solid without seeing a single attractive female in here.

She was just such a sight for such sore barely-able-to-stay-awake eyes that I had to tape her. Here are the other two women I saw, in order.

Saw in 1st 3 min
Saw in 1st 3 min

The only other. I was like where have you been all this time?!


 I was very glad for pregnant women, for had it not been for them, I’d truly have come back with nothing. At least I can count on finding them in the Wal-Marts if I stick around long enough. Somebody’s got to be pregnant. Yes, I tape pregnant women, too, and they’re mostly all I saw today. Including one I taped as I got off the bus to go home in defeat. I was so defeated by this that I cancelled today’s today’s trip out. I’d planned to fix up my upcoming camera and go out, but it’s better I didn’t I think now.