My First REAL Post

I’ve decided to start this blog to promote my website , and to rant about things or talk about trip-wide things that are cool but don’t have much a place in the descriptions of any of my clips. What clips? Go to the website and have a look! Trip wide stuff? Well, when I shoot a video for my website and post it, I always eventually type a description for it that tells you what’s in it and what was going through my head when I shot that candid video, plus anything off camera that happened that was important. But what if I went out and there was something that happened or that I was feeling or something that was just a general thing and not part of the making of any one video? Well, that’s where this blog comes in!

 This is a test post, so please leave a comment for this post to let me know how much you’d like to hear my stories of my candid BBW filming trips! Here’s a pictue I tried to leave to show you what I go out with my camera and look for:

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