Got So Much to Do In a Very Short Time!

I’d told everybody that I’d have a really important update for everybody done on by sometime tomorrow. I wonder if I can do it. It’s been a super long time since I updated the non-member’s tour pages, and now that the old existing ones are drawing more of my traffic then ever, I really think it’s a problem that they haven’t been updated in ages. I’d been holding back because I wanted everything to be perfect with the pages first before I did any tour page posting, but I don’t think I can afford to hold back any longer… Except I have this one file I have to put online first:

Now THAT\'S a big ass!

 This is the star file! I’m sure once this is online things will get better. I’ve had a few people almost outright beg for this once they found out it was coming, even though she might be a little fat to some. I still haven’t finished editing the second, final tier of vids, and then I have to make the pages too… And I can’t spend all day on it because I have to go catch the bus somewhere as soon as I finish typing this post. Maybe I’ll see some nice bbws on there as usual or near the beach ’cause I’ll be around it later on today when I run this food errand. That would be nice, ’cause it’s been a while since I had a hot bbw to tape.

The great news today though is that I FINALLY managed to get blackstreetbbw on to the first page of the Bbw Registry! Yeah! I’ve been waiting for two years to get there! I happened sometime after 2am this morinig eastern time. Now let’s see if the hits roll in… I need ’em too, because for some reason, I just realized DailyMotion deleted my account! I wish they’d told me why, but nobody on the internet ever tells you why when the answer is negative. Maybe it’s because I pisted some of my candid pregnant videos there the other day. Those all got banned from YouTube, but I thought with all the raunchy stuff on DailyMotion I’d be able to get away with it. I guess not. People must find candid videos of pregnant women to be so creepy it makes horror look safe and sane. Or did my account get deleted because I post stuff from blackstreetbbw and they thought I was posting copywrited material. I remember I posted my big new preview on there in it’s 7 parts, but part 6 got rejected as soon as I posted it for some unspecified ‘Terms of Use Violation’. Weird. Why just part 6? At least I got some hits from some new sources that just came in. I got one hit each from this blog and from the Curvage Forum. I posted something on that forum long enough ago that I can’t even rememberwhat I said or what my login info is hoping for hits and just got my first known one from there now. I won’t be posting anything else there.

2 thoughts on “Got So Much to Do In a Very Short Time!

  1. Keep doin your thing man….I can’t wait for you to post that chick up there on the site.

  2. I’m trying to get her video up in the next 24 hours! I’d say wish me luck, but you kind of already did.

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