The Ambitious Update’s Done! (Almost)

I finally got that update done! Now I have to make my apologies. First off, I’d said on the site it’d take 2 days, said around here it’d actually be 2-3, and it turned out to be 4 because I fell asleep at the end of the third day when I was trying to work on things and slept like I was dead. Even slept through the alarm that I’d set just in case I fell into a nap while I was working. Might be hard to imagine how one could fall asleep doing something bbw related even when you’ve had enough sleep, but it happened somehow. And it happened big. Then on top of it, I haven’t gotten the non-member’s pages done yet, so I’v PROMISED to do that tommorrow! If the extra descriptive text I want to type isn’t all done I’ll just post the pages without the extra text! I’ll make sure the Tour Pages get updated!

  Ever since The BIG ONE (supposed to be the biggest update in history, but setbacks cut it down some. Still, it was huge!), the member’s area’s been missing descriptive text, and I didn’t want to update the tour pages until that got fixed, because I make the non-member tour versions of the pages by copying all the HTML form the member pages and deleting all the ‘a’ tags. If I fixed the member’s pages after I made the tour pages I’d have to do the tour pages all over again, but that’s going to happen anyway because it’s just taken too long to get them updated. I really think not updating those pages has hurt my buisiness recently because once I started drawing lots of hits from blogs, all my more in-depth touring pages starting drawing more traffic than usual, but then when people went through them, everything was dated and none of the new better, footage was represented. Then I also think I lost a lot of new members because non-members stopped making returning visits becasue there was nothing new for them except the previews… which seldom change compared with how the rest of the site’s supposed to. Back in the day when I was on top of everything all the time people could come back every update and see new stuff to read and look at so they could decide if they wanted to Join blackstreetbbw then, and a lot of people would come over and over, according to my statcounter. When I’d stop updating the tour pages for too long my hits would go down. I haven’t updated the tour pages since february, so I think those people have totally stopped coming.

   But man, back in the day I even could use a Visual Basic program I wrote to make my pages for me! I tried to have it ready when the site originally launched, but frustrating bugs got in the way. LAter on I kind of got it to work, and If I just put enough thought into nameing the videos right as I created them it would be able to read the filename and generate html for me with descriptions and all! Of course, I’d have to go over and make corrections, but it sure made things faster. Now I can’t do that because things have gotten a little more complex, descriptions have gotten longer, I’m forced by Windows Movie Maker 2 to keep the filenames shorter and I’ve been coming up with half assed names for the videos instead of carefully deliberated ones, so I can’t use the program any more. I only used to use it on big updates with lots of files, and I never got all the features into it that I wanted, so I’ve kind of let it go, but I’m proud to be able to say I made it!

  The only apology I have left to make now is how I missed yesterday’s blogging, too, so now I have more stuff to say bakced up from before but I don’t have enough patience to keep typing it all. Oh well, at least that means I’ll have zero difficulty thinking of something to write for tomorrow’s post.

  I’ve gotten a lot of views so far today. I wonder if I should have tagged this post.

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