Time for Me to Finally Officially Tell You What Http://www.Blackstreetbbw.com is All About.


 You see that? That’s what kind of women I’m looking for every day. I always bring a camera with me everywhere I go, so in case I see a woman like one of the ones in the pictures above or something close I can videotape her! Then I’ll be able to post her video on my website!

  There are a lot of websites out there about candid camera PICTURES, but few about VIDEO. Blackstreetbbw is about VIDEO! And all the other sites out there are about skinny white teens on beaches and illegal shots. Of all the sites on the internet, you can count the ones that are even vaguely like mine on one hand, and there are no other sites just like it. Http://www.blackstreetbbw.com is the only paysite in the world about candid videos of BBWs! …And of course you see the pregnant woman on the banner. A lot of men (not most, but a lot more than you think.) think pregnant women can be hot but won’t admit it. I am pretty much the only guy on the internet willing to videotape a pregnant woman without her permission, although a tiny few guys will take a still picture. I can’t really advertise pregnant women like I can big breast or booty women because when people on YouTube see something like that thye have it banned, and DailyMotion deleted my whole account when I posted a candid pregnant video on there- like the day after I posted it! But yeah, that’s what it’s about so now let me show you some of what you’ll find on blackstreetbbw on video:

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