Thanks for Clicking the BBWRegistry Link!

This isn’t on blackstreetbbw yet.
My internet connection went to bed at 11 this morning and suddenly came back on at 6:35. Not only that, it became RELIABLE! All night and early morning when I was expecting it to work just great in was going on and off. Work five minutes, break for ten. Arrg. But it’s been working flawlessly since it came back on 4 hours ago. It’s a shame my internet service acts so bad at times that I’m actually happy it’s on at all. It’s almost like I’m in one of those foreign cities where the power and stuff is only on for a couple hours a day or something. Didn’t make a lot of money today, but I guess I ‘didn’t need it’ becaue rent was due today and the rent man, who said don’t mail the rent I’ll ocme pick it up this time, went to the next town to do some business instead of coming by. Still, I know I’m gonna need the money to come in, so anybody who wants access to videos of curvy bbws needs to go on over to blackstreetbbw and support me by spending a little money on something you really enjoy. 🙂 I guess today wasn’t bad though. Even though I blackstreetbbw fell off the first page of the BBWRegistry (even though I improved the links page today [hope I didn’t do more harm than good somehow by using a picture text link from the Registry instead of big plain text.]), it was on it in the last spot for the lion’s share of the day, and as a direct result got an all-time high number of visitors for the day! The day’s still counting, so I’ll tell you how well we did tomorrow. Thanks to everybody who clicked thier link! Keep clicking! If you’re visiting blackstreetbbw from here, make sure you visit the Links Page too and click the BBWRegistry Link, plus whatever other links you want to click! Vote for blackstreetbbw!
Fell asleep while I was trying to make this entry, and woke up at this point. I got 590 visitors to blackstreetbbw over the day that ended while I was asleep, then my internet connection went down until right now. 590 visitors is the largest number of visitors blackstreetbbw’s ever gotten in a singel day! But I guess most of the people who came from there were skimming through the list, because the average visitor only looked at two pages while they were here when I usually get that average to almost three. Or sometimes more. Funny, but I didn’t get as many pageloads as before. I get the most visitors from 6pm to 11 pm eastern time in a day. At 11 people suddenly stop coming, then all of a sudden they start again ta midnight. Weird, but it seems that 11 o’clock stop stopped me from beating my pageload record for this week, even though I beat my visitor record of all time.

Some of you may have noticed I’ve dressed the Home, Links, and Preview Pages up some. Do you think that made things better? I added YouTube Previews so people wouldn’t have to wait for the previews to download, there are pics there now that are bmps, so they take a second to load, and before they do the words they’re behind are easier to read, then they appear while you’re off the page or waiting for the download and I think that’s actually kind of cool. But I do wonder if the new pics on these 3 pages are encouraging or somehow discouraging. I also made the Joining Page’s existance a little more obvious. It dawned on me that maybe a FEW people come by and don’t even realize this is a site you’re suppsoed to pay to join… or is anybody that dense or in a rush that they miss that?
Why don’t you take a look, if you haven’t already, and tell me if you think it looks a little better now or what? Also, if you’re not a member of and are not going to become one, it would be real useful to me if you told me here or there why you’re not joining. I mean, it only costs $3 and I pour my heart into my work, so if people aren’t joining, it obviously isn’t too expensive or I’m not doing anything!

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