Half Price Special!

 I’m running a half price special this week on the site! Anybody who JOINS blackstreetbbw will be able to do it cheap cheap cheap this week, and ONLY this week!
For members there will also be minor updating this week, starting at the end of today. I forgot to post the video for the Breasts Section for the update on the 14th somehow, so look for that:

and other minor fixes in that section. Tomorrow I will be adding a few descriptions to the Butts Section.

Jonas just started a contes at BBWSource! I’m going to enter it! You should too if you have something to enter with. Seeing that contest has given me a desire to go on an all-out candid field trip. I want to get on the bus and ride over to the next town and see what I can see. If I go, I’ll tell you what I saw of what I saw when I get back. But… I really need to stay at home for a while, too, because I need to work on the at-home part of blackstreetbbw. I’ve got promotion I really need to be doing, and I’ve got to get these little updates and other things fixed up so I can prepare for my next real update.

I really hope the special brings in more than one member a day.

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