Blackstreetbbw’s Plans for the Rest of ’08!

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I’ve gotten about 2 days behind on the little stuff I said I’d do, but I’m still doing it, and in the meantime I want to tell you what I plan to do on my website over the course of the rest of this year, then I’ll tell you about how what I said I’d be doing in previous posts went.

 The first thing I plan on doing is making a little Clip Store on my site to replace my Clips4SaleStore, which is hard to promote seperately and costs a lot. I plan to offer Clips by Email to people who don’t want to get a subscription to deal with, or who only want one or two clips and that’s all, or to let members buy future videos that I want to share now but that are slated for future updates. (I’m still sticking to the idea of always going through my future archive folders in order, no matter how good some future stuff may be. Plus, it’s good to have a bright future to look forward to!). With Clips by Email, people will be able to buy one clip for $1.50, tow for $2.75 or 3 for $3.50, which is about what a monthly membership will cost starting next week.

  The membership options starting next week will be: monthly memberships for $3.50. Standard memberships for 5.95. Three month recurring for $7.50. Six Month Loyalty for $14. It will rebill once at $14, then allow people who are still a member after an entire year to get a rate close to what the original members got of $2.50 for each two months. My first member ever is still a member and paying that rate, as are a few others! I think the loyalty rate will be $3.25 for two months, so the term for the Six Month Loyalty will switch to Bi-monthly for about $3.25 after one year. One Time for $4 will allow people to join for one month ONLY after which thier membership will expire.

  The Clips By Email will work like this: There will be clips all over the page with check boxes under them. When users click the submit button thier email and the videos they checked will be emailed to me and they will be taken to the page with the PayPal payment buttons that they’ll need to use to pay for one, tow or three clips at a time. Once they’ve paid, I will send them the video links, or the actual videos attached if they will fit on an email. Any other files (Vidcaps, raw files etc) that are associated with the videos will be free for purchasing the main video. Movie Length Files will count as two videos. Non-members will be able to request any video that is shown on the tour pages if it’s not in the store and they want it, and members will be able to request videos from the previews that aren’t in the member’s area, but I won’t make the vids until after they are paid for. Once videos are paid for I will send the email with the links to the orderer in 24 hours or less.

I also plan on taking longer trips in the end of the summer if I can. If I can get my money together soon enough and the weather stays warm enough long enough I’ll probably even go out of state for a while, but I might not do that this summer. I WILL at least go the the next town this summer. I plan on getting near the beach, but in order to actually shoot candid videos ON the beach, I’m going to want the secret camera sunglasses and a new video recorder, stuff I won’t be able to afford until ’09. I’ve already shot a lot less ghetto Wal-Mart videos, and will continue to shoot less of them like I am now, so you’re going to see the new places I’ve been to as I get to those updates. Remember, I always have lots of footage I haven’t posted yet.

   When I get the money, I’m considering doing a candid video contest where members can submit thier own candid video stuff for the chance to win a small cash prize and “a little fame”. Speaking of submitting your own stuff, I’m starting a Yahoo Group for blackstreetbbw about that.
Oh, and more on the new camera stuff- I saw this camera system onlin that’s smaller than what I have now and can make 640×480 videos at 30fps! Awesome! It will be awesome to have videos that big again and have 30 frames per second instead of the 20 we’re dealing with right now. 20 frames just doesn’t show enough jiggle to me.
I’ll also be adding stories to the Bonus Section, and games too later on! I canwrite code in Visual Basic, so I can make some games by hand. First I want to make a simple game of ‘memory’, but someday I want to make game(s) about candid videography. I’m also going to do the compilation video requests that people had put in, repost some videos from other areas of the site in special sections in the Bouns Section plus more stuff. I even plan on doing some morphs and even morphing videos after I find a good morphing program. If anybody knows a good photomanipulation program they’d reccommend that I can get for free let me know!

I’ve got a little more planned, but I think this is enough for one post! Oh, and some of you make sure you tell me what you think about the Clips By Email idea! I don’t have any real online programming stuff to let you do it all online, so I’ll be doing it by email to make sure it all works.

3 thoughts on “Blackstreetbbw’s Plans for the Rest of ’08!

  1. clips by email? Eh, I prefer the whole site thing, but I do understand where your coming from. Give people what htey want!

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