Ok, Somebody Left a Comment, So I Can Get Back to Blogging Now

Still, though, if you have anything to say about http://www.blackstreetbbw.com, ESPECIALLY if it has anything to do with the ‘plans for the rest of ’08’ post below, please say it!

  I just wanted to tell everybody about this weird nasty masculine looking woman I almost taped but deleted as soon as I taped one glimpse! I saw this woman outside ghetto Wal-Mart today that had these HUGE CALVES!!!! I mean HUGE! I remember in the past I saw this woman who worked in this office I used to work in who calves so big the looked like she had balls under her spandex pants (obviously the only pants she could get her huge legs into). And of course her thighs were the biggest ones I’ve ever seen in my life. I’d wondered if I’d ever see another woman like that, but the internet gave me hope. A lot of hope. Then I got more hope when I saw this woman today, but she looked too much like a dud in the face that I couldn’t tape her! But man, her calves were bigger than most women’s THIGHS are able to get! I don’t mean normally get on thin or normal women- no! I mean her CALVES were bigger than most THICK thigh women’s THIGHS are able to get! That’s how big they were! And they weren’t balls that almost touched the floor hanging down behind her like the woman I described above that I worked with. They were like barrel shaped! And they were almost as wide as her thighs were! And she had to have her knees wrapped so she could walk and she had a big butt and sounded kind of like a dude, but I was like, “No MAN could have legs this big… right?” WHOA!

Too bad the hope I got didn’t make today a good day at all.

2 thoughts on “Ok, Somebody Left a Comment, So I Can Get Back to Blogging Now

  1. Ah, you shouldn’t have erased it! At least a pic or two to see what you were talking about.

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