Ok, I Can Finally Say the Update’s Coming and Mean It!

I know it’s been ages ince blackstreetbbw has been updated, and unfortunately, unlike all the other times where you all had to wait a month for an update and then got a huge one, this one won’t even be big. But… I got a lot of problems I was having all august out of the way, so I can get back on track now. The first part of the update will probably be online in the member’s area in 35 hours.
I’m wondering if I should go out today. It’s drizzling outside, but my neighbor just got back from ‘ghetto Wal-Mart’ and said the place was packed and getting packed-er for back-to-school shopping. To go or not to go?

Holy Crap! I Need to Make Another In-between Post Today!!!

First I will type my website’s URL here so those of you who haven’t seen or joined it yet will see what I’ve accomplished. www.blackstreetbbw.com
Then I will tell you
I’ve made a much better

post on this! Click Here to

find what you are

probably looking for!!!

Sadly, after looking at stuff like this, my accomplishments look aweful small… but at least this inspires me to get out there and look anyway because now I know a whole rack of ‘UniquelyMadeDiva-sized’ women exist, and it’s my job to spend a large portion of my adult life trying to find them and I wont find anything if I stay at home working on my site or blog too much!!

Then… just in case you’re like me and hadn’t known about this woman yet…
I present to you My Second Webfind Post!

Click the pic to go to mercedes’ new site. Where are all these ‘UniquelyMadeDiva-sized’ women coming from?! Where do I need to travel to see them?!
P.S.: I feel ‘special’ because I viewed and scanned the source code of her page to find out how to link to her pic directly even though I’d saved it to my hard drive. I’m sure she bought lots of bandwidth for all the traffic she’s going to have so she won’t mind with this extra publicity… šŸ™‚ ?…?

Just Saw This and Wanted to Tell You it First

I know the text for the picture post was supposed to go here… or actually it was supposed to go in yesterday so this post could go here, but I had to say this now since it just happened. I pulled up in front of my apartment (The one with too many roaches in it lol) and there was this mature sitting onĀ the front step that I think I taped for her thighs before and is in one of the picture posts on this blog. If she was the one I remember, then I taped her because of the size and cellulite of her bare thighs, so at least I got her on tape so I don’t have to worry about this time. Well this time she was even more barely dressed- too much for outside. I’ve never seen a woman just sitting outside with her titties hanging out alone onĀ a normal and quiet neighborhood street, or any street for that matter. I couldn’t tape her though because it was too dark. This occured approximately 3 hours before this entry was posted as I’ve just gotten thru with getting in the house and settled and getting over some email I got pertaining to a reversed PayPal payment from two days ago from some loser who didn’t realize that internet memberships rebill and didn’t have time to email me either, so I just got to this. The woman’s breasts weren’t all the way out, but if the dress is so low cut and she is leaning forward and you can see areolas even though she’s black and it’s dark then I think that counts as them hanging out! Sorry I don’t have a picture or an upcoming blackstreetbbw.com video, but like I said, it was too dark for the camera.

Http://www.blackstreetbbw.com Neighborhood Night Out and Virginia Beach Candid Picture Post

My 1st Webfind Category Post

Holy Hell!!!

Okay, that’s it for today. Now go to Blackstreetbbw where you will NOT find this woman or jpegs of this quality, but you will find other hot women like this! …Or go to BABs to find more of these party’s pics. …Or click here to find more pics of thunder.

Quick Question Post #1

The blackstreetbbw.com webmaster’s quick question: I just went out on some trips- most importantly, to Virginia Beach- and shot some pretty incredible footage. I did not go to the beach though. If I make a post showing pics and stuff of what’s in my most recent archive folder, that will get in the way of the next update at blackstreetbbw a little because it will mean more time consuming vidcaps to make. Should I concentrate 100% on catching up blackstreetbbw or spend some energy on the Neighborhood Night Out and Virginia Beach preview pics?
No pics if the site members say ‘concentrate’, or if no one answers at all. Oh, and btw, feel free to say anything else too while you’re at it, about this post or any other, even if it’s to tell me I’m taking too long with my updates or something.

More Delays From that Same File

Just letting everone know I’m working really hard on blackstreetbbw right now- it just doesn’t look like it. The same file I mentioned in my last post is still holding me up. I’m working on vidcaps right now. Those things take a LONG time to make. MUCH longer than the video they go with, and speaking of video, I have more of that to edit up too. But I wanted to post SOMETHING over at blackstreetbbw today, so I basically did something half-assed over there that I will be able to spruce up tomorrow.
I got a comment on here about the need to make more Breast Videos that are longer with bigger breasts, and more angles and vidcaps. Well with this update I just posted, I don’t have the ‘more videos part’ done- Only posted two videos, but they are INCREDIBLE- but I definately got the rest done! I’m working on a few extra vidcaps because he said that, too. Remember, if you have anything you want to see more or less of in blackstreetbbw videos, say something about it here or on the website’s Feedback Page. It may take me a lloooonnngg time to actually implement your suggestion, but I consider every suggestion I get and implement as many as make sense to me that are doable.

Little Update on Out-of-Slump Delay

Want to know what’s keeping the minor update stream on blackstreetbbw? It’s this video right here:

When I get most of the files associated with this video done I’ll have made a great deal of progress and will be able to really start to posting other little things. I may even be able to get a little extra bonus content for it from other people, but I won’t wait until all the files are in to start posting. Once I’ve made enough to get the page running I’ll post what I’ve made so far and move on. I’m planning on changing the way ‘movie length videos’ are posted, but I’ll finish that up later when I do the next round of work. I think I will have something to post on blackstreetbbw tomorrow.

Starting to Slowly Crawl Out of the Slump?

Just thought I’d start this post with a little apology to the members of Blackstreetbbw.com . I’m not updating fast enough at all, and the minor updates I’d promised still haven’t come. Plus, I haven’t even really started on the next update, so I don’t know when it’ll be. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some measurable progress today, and if I do, I’ll say so right here and you’ll know what I did.
Then I’ll go on to offer thanks to the few people who did patronize blackstreetbbw with new sales recently. I’d noticed in the past that the times I was actually making the most signups was when lots of old members were flocking back. If they’re all already in, they can’t come back in, can they? I guess there’s a silver lining on the cloud of losing a member in that if they logged in recently before thier membership expired, then if they’ve gone they can come back! I got a FEW brand new members too. Blackstreetbbw’s not doing well yet, but if the turnaround in the middle of the month I’d simply hoped for is starting, then everything will definately be okay.
I also got a sale on my Clip Store. Not the cheap Clips-By-Email Store that people SHOULD be using but aren’t. No, the expensive one in the sidebar. After a long time making virtually nothing off it, somebody spent almost $41 buying 6 clips! Plus, I sold a $5 clip, so I made $27 (They take a big cut, don’t they?) from there yesterday! So if peeps will pay $41 for 6 clips from there, how come they won’t pay $3.40 for 3 from the source? Clips4Sale converts well and allows me to do something I’m normally against, which you know if you’ve ever been a blackstreetbbw member of emailed me to see how nice I am, and kind of increase my income by suckering people. I don’t know why I get so many sales off so few hits, but I’m making about $85 a month off it with about 30 hits per day. If only there was some way they could’ve found blackstreetbbw. But since Clips4Sale lets me reach these people and converts so well I use it. I still have to cash the check I just got in the mail from them the other day.
And people have sent me web form and blog comments, so I’ve had emails and stuff to read too. Cool.

Still Didn’t Quite Finish the Previous Post Like I Really Should’ve

Should I have added more to it? I’d already added all the pics. It took a long time to pick them all out, but I was glad to realize that I probably wouldn’t have to upload them one at a time! None of those videos are scheduled to go into the BlackstreetBBW member’s area anytime soon, but… if anyone wants to see any of the videos NOW they’re available in the Clips-by-Email Store now! Buy them cheap! Very few people have used the Blackstreetbbw Clip Store, but at least it has been used. For some reason no ones entered thier email on it, so it’s a good thing thier PayPal emails were there. I guess I should emphasize the email field a little more. But I sure am glad it got used!
For some reason I haven’t really felt like doing the blackstreetbbw work I’ve been needing to do. I finally got some motivation to move on when my first Clip Store clip sold on the smae day I got a brand spanking new member, so I did A LITTLE, but didn’t post it… so the very minor updating every other day I’d said I’d be doing before… well that actually all starts now. Maybe when I slow down a little, get my business taken care of and get this excess caffiene out of my system it will be easier to work on my HTML.
I went to another special event, too! I won’t really be showing any pics from it because I don’t really want to and my memory card’s not nearly full anyway, but that’s one more set of videos in the future that come from someplace fresh. And guess who I saw there? Anybody remember the girl I once refferred to as ‘The Queen of the Curve’ that I got banned from target for filming? I saw her there volunteer working the booth Target had set up. There’s another reason why I don’t have to show you those pics now- you already know what that young lady looks like! If you don’t, click here and search the page, then look on pages 3 and 5.
But yeah, it was cool to go to a little mini-festival for filming. I’d actually mainly gone there because they said in the paper there’d be free food, but all I got was a few pieces of candy and 3 hard cookies and a Chic-Fillet coupon. They had popcorn but they kept running out. That was the least free food I ever saw at an event advertised as having free food. That was false advertisement! šŸ˜› … Oh well, at least there was free music and free bbw.

A Nice Update at Http://Www.Blackstreetbbw.com, and My Most Recent Candid Trips!

I just updated blackstreetbbwĀ and I’m going to do lots of sharing of my most recent candid trips right now! When you get to blackstreetbbw,Ā please visit the new Clip Store! The little link in the upper left will take you to the rest of the site.

Now that I’ve got your attention with pictures, I’ll let you know the videos for those two are ONLY available from the http://www.blackstreetbbw.com/ClipStore.html ! Go to the Clips Store and buy something! You only need $1.50 to do it! So blackstreetbbw members, if you want the video for my latest sighting, please go to the Clip StoreĀ from theĀ blackstreetbbw home page! I really need extra cash since only about one person joined this week. This new member drought is killing me here… Traffic and viewership are at an all time high, and sales are at an all-time low! What gives? I’m working my ass off here on blackstreetbbw and I AM NOT getting paid for it! If anyone uses the Clip Store to help keep blackstreetbbw from starving that would help A LOT! Right now people aren’t even clicking on it! I’m like, if you’re going to only look, I sure wish you’d at least look at the new pages I fixed up that I want you to look at! Oh, and the other thing members should be looking at is the Member’s Home Page- that’s where this week’s update is. Not in the sectional pages yet.

Ā The update I just did features the biggest breast movement I’ve ever seen in the longest sighting I’ve ever had! Hope you like ssbbw breasts! But if you don’t like ’em on a woman that big, I found a smaller one with knockout curves all over her body that you can oogle instead! So that and another thick curvy beauty gets the Butts Section taken care of too. But yeah, go look from the main member’s page because the vids aren’t in the sub sections yet. Keep visiting blackstreetbbw like every other day to see the work get done day by day. You have no idea how much work this all is, and how much effort I’m putting into all this! I can tell you if I can get some more money frow somewhere I’ll be able to do awesome things with this sight for the lowest price in the world, but I really do need somebody to send me some kind of patronage! You could even send a donation if you wanted to. The same email you use to reach me from the Contact Page is the same one you’d use! šŸ™‚

Okay, more pictures! These have vids in the Clip Store too! They feature some incredible shots!

Ā  It was the first of the month so people had money, AND they were doing a back to school sales tax holiday, so everybody and they momma was at Wal-Mart taking advantage. I hit BOTH Wal-Marts today! That’s about the first time I ever did both of them in ONE day! At the first one I saw something awesome almost everywhere I turned, but at the second one… it was late by then, and thing didn’t get exciting until the big boob babes showed up later on. But before I tell you that, I’ve got to upload my picture gallery of all the vids from that day, the next day, and the other little vids I’d already had on my memory card when I started!