Ok, I Can Finally Say the Update’s Coming and Mean It!

I know it’s been ages ince blackstreetbbw has been updated, and unfortunately, unlike all the other times where you all had to wait a month for an update and then got a huge one, this one won’t even be big. But… I got a lot of problems I was having all august out of the way, so I can get back on track now. The first part of the update will probably be online in the member’s area in 35 hours.
I’m wondering if I should go out today. It’s drizzling outside, but my neighbor just got back from ‘ghetto Wal-Mart’ and said the place was packed and getting packed-er for back-to-school shopping. To go or not to go?

Holy Crap! I Need to Make Another In-between Post Today!!!

First I will type my website’s URL here so those of you who haven’t seen or joined it yet will see what I’ve accomplished. www.blackstreetbbw.com
Then I will tell you
I’ve made a much better

post on this! Click Here to

find what you are

probably looking for!!!

Sadly, after looking at stuff like this, my accomplishments look aweful small… but at least this inspires me to get out there and look anyway because now I know a whole rack of ‘UniquelyMadeDiva-sized’ women exist, and it’s my job to spend a large portion of my adult life trying to find them and I wont find anything if I stay at home working on my site or blog too much!!

Then… just in case you’re like me and hadn’t known about this woman yet…
I present to you My Second Webfind Post!

Click the pic to go to mercedes’ new site. Where are all these ‘UniquelyMadeDiva-sized’ women coming from?! Where do I need to travel to see them?!
P.S.: I feel ‘special’ because I viewed and scanned the source code of her page to find out how to link to her pic directly even though I’d saved it to my hard drive. I’m sure she bought lots of bandwidth for all the traffic she’s going to have so she won’t mind with this extra publicity… 🙂 ?…?

Just Saw This and Wanted to Tell You it First

I know the text for the picture post was supposed to go here… or actually it was supposed to go in yesterday so this post could go here, but I had to say this now since it just happened. I pulled up in front of my apartment (The one with too many roaches in it lol) and there was this mature sitting on the front step that I think I taped for her thighs before and is in one of the picture posts on this blog. If she was the one I remember, then I taped her because of the size and cellulite of her bare thighs, so at least I got her on tape so I don’t have to worry about this time. Well this time she was even more barely dressed- too much for outside. I’ve never seen a woman just sitting outside with her titties hanging out alone on a normal and quiet neighborhood street, or any street for that matter. I couldn’t tape her though because it was too dark. This occured approximately 3 hours before this entry was posted as I’ve just gotten thru with getting in the house and settled and getting over some email I got pertaining to a reversed PayPal payment from two days ago from some loser who didn’t realize that internet memberships rebill and didn’t have time to email me either, so I just got to this. The woman’s breasts weren’t all the way out, but if the dress is so low cut and she is leaning forward and you can see areolas even though she’s black and it’s dark then I think that counts as them hanging out! Sorry I don’t have a picture or an upcoming blackstreetbbw.com video, but like I said, it was too dark for the camera.

Http://www.blackstreetbbw.com Neighborhood Night Out and Virginia Beach Candid Picture Post

My 1st Webfind Category Post

Holy Hell!!!

Okay, that’s it for today. Now go to Blackstreetbbw where you will NOT find this woman or jpegs of this quality, but you will find other hot women like this! …Or go to BABs to find more of these party’s pics. …Or click here to find more pics of thunder.

Quick Question Post #1

The blackstreetbbw.com webmaster’s quick question: I just went out on some trips- most importantly, to Virginia Beach- and shot some pretty incredible footage. I did not go to the beach though. If I make a post showing pics and stuff of what’s in my most recent archive folder, that will get in the way of the next update at blackstreetbbw a little because it will mean more time consuming vidcaps to make. Should I concentrate 100% on catching up blackstreetbbw or spend some energy on the Neighborhood Night Out and Virginia Beach preview pics?
No pics if the site members say ‘concentrate’, or if no one answers at all. Oh, and btw, feel free to say anything else too while you’re at it, about this post or any other, even if it’s to tell me I’m taking too long with my updates or something.