Should I keep Taping Workers?

Since the title’s a question, obviously I want interested people to LEAVE COMMENTS on this post. I’m still a little bit bothered over the fact that I recieved practically zero comments pertaining to my ‘Plans for ’08’ post from earlier *Hint! Hint!*. If you don’t want to or can’t leave comments here, you can always go to and use the Feedback form on the Contact/Feedback Page to leave them there.

I haven’t posted any of this lady’s footage anywhere on blackstreetbbw yet, not even in the previews, but I have several videos of her that will eventually be coming, even though they’re far off. The question is: I know where and when she works… sort of…. So… should I tape her or other women I know how to find like her as much as I can get away with, or should I make something like a five sighting limit or so based on her hotness, and then leave her alone unless I happen to meet her by chance somewhere I didn’t expect?

7 thoughts on “Should I keep Taping Workers?

  1. I say let it depend on her hotness. don’t really overdo it. Its going to make it that much easier for u to get caught taping the same woman all the time. Shit, u might end up looking like a stalker

  2. Yeah, you don’t want to get nailed on stalking laws. A couple times will do just fine when it comes to filming the BBW women out in the world.

  3. Yeah I agree you shouldn’t repeatedly do it you could get caught from that. Plus you seem to find so many outside the workplace as well.

  4. Here’s ‘someoen that has some huge huge huge legs and calves. Was your person you saw like this?


  5. You should’ve posted that pic and comment on the other post from before :). The ugly woman I saw had smaller thighs, but her calves were a lot like that. I think her calves might’ve been just a little bigger, because the woman in the pic you found is sitting, and this woman I saw looked that big standing! And her cellulite was bulging looking like fish scales… …But her thighs were not that big as in your pic. And that woman from the office… well you read her description so you know her calves were in a totally different shape category. But you did it right with the calves with the pic you found! Yup. I wish the woman I’d found had been as attractive as the one you found. Hey, while you’re finding pics, maybe you could find something to enter in the BBWSource Contest?
    Those of you who don’t know who we’re talking about need to look at the posts before this with the big calf stories!
    Thanks for leaving this many comments Sookyant. Now I have to leave here and look at that Yahoo! Group!

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