Starting to Slowly Crawl Out of the Slump?

Just thought I’d start this post with a little apology to the members of . I’m not updating fast enough at all, and the minor updates I’d promised still haven’t come. Plus, I haven’t even really started on the next update, so I don’t know when it’ll be. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some measurable progress today, and if I do, I’ll say so right here and you’ll know what I did.
Then I’ll go on to offer thanks to the few people who did patronize blackstreetbbw with new sales recently. I’d noticed in the past that the times I was actually making the most signups was when lots of old members were flocking back. If they’re all already in, they can’t come back in, can they? I guess there’s a silver lining on the cloud of losing a member in that if they logged in recently before thier membership expired, then if they’ve gone they can come back! I got a FEW brand new members too. Blackstreetbbw’s not doing well yet, but if the turnaround in the middle of the month I’d simply hoped for is starting, then everything will definately be okay.
I also got a sale on my Clip Store. Not the cheap Clips-By-Email Store that people SHOULD be using but aren’t. No, the expensive one in the sidebar. After a long time making virtually nothing off it, somebody spent almost $41 buying 6 clips! Plus, I sold a $5 clip, so I made $27 (They take a big cut, don’t they?) from there yesterday! So if peeps will pay $41 for 6 clips from there, how come they won’t pay $3.40 for 3 from the source? Clips4Sale converts well and allows me to do something I’m normally against, which you know if you’ve ever been a blackstreetbbw member of emailed me to see how nice I am, and kind of increase my income by suckering people. I don’t know why I get so many sales off so few hits, but I’m making about $85 a month off it with about 30 hits per day. If only there was some way they could’ve found blackstreetbbw. But since Clips4Sale lets me reach these people and converts so well I use it. I still have to cash the check I just got in the mail from them the other day.
And people have sent me web form and blog comments, so I’ve had emails and stuff to read too. Cool.

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