More Delays From that Same File

Just letting everone know I’m working really hard on blackstreetbbw right now- it just doesn’t look like it. The same file I mentioned in my last post is still holding me up. I’m working on vidcaps right now. Those things take a LONG time to make. MUCH longer than the video they go with, and speaking of video, I have more of that to edit up too. But I wanted to post SOMETHING over at blackstreetbbw today, so I basically did something half-assed over there that I will be able to spruce up tomorrow.
I got a comment on here about the need to make more Breast Videos that are longer with bigger breasts, and more angles and vidcaps. Well with this update I just posted, I don’t have the ‘more videos part’ done- Only posted two videos, but they are INCREDIBLE- but I definately got the rest done! I’m working on a few extra vidcaps because he said that, too. Remember, if you have anything you want to see more or less of in blackstreetbbw videos, say something about it here or on the website’s Feedback Page. It may take me a lloooonnngg time to actually implement your suggestion, but I consider every suggestion I get and implement as many as make sense to me that are doable.

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