Quick Question Post #1

The blackstreetbbw.com webmaster’s quick question: I just went out on some trips- most importantly, to Virginia Beach- and shot some pretty incredible footage. I did not go to the beach though. If I make a post showing pics and stuff of what’s in my most recent archive folder, that will get in the way of the next update at blackstreetbbw a little because it will mean more time consuming vidcaps to make. Should I concentrate 100% on catching up blackstreetbbw or spend some energy on the Neighborhood Night Out and Virginia Beach preview pics?
No pics if the site members say ‘concentrate’, or if no one answers at all. Oh, and btw, feel free to say anything else too while you’re at it, about this post or any other, even if it’s to tell me I’m taking too long with my updates or something.

3 thoughts on “Quick Question Post #1

  1. I like the idea of some previews, alwasy helps with a membership drive. My vote is to work on some preview pics of Va Beach . . .

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