Holy Crap! I Need to Make Another In-between Post Today!!!

First I will type my website’s URL here so those of you who haven’t seen or joined it yet will see what I’ve accomplished. www.blackstreetbbw.com
Then I will tell you
I’ve made a much better

post on this! Click Here to

find what you are

probably looking for!!!

Sadly, after looking at stuff like this, my accomplishments look aweful small… but at least this inspires me to get out there and look anyway because now I know a whole rack of ‘UniquelyMadeDiva-sized’ women exist, and it’s my job to spend a large portion of my adult life trying to find them and I wont find anything if I stay at home working on my site or blog too much!!

Then… just in case you’re like me and hadn’t known about this woman yet…
I present to you My Second Webfind Post!

Click the pic to go to mercedes’ new site. Where are all these ‘UniquelyMadeDiva-sized’ women coming from?! Where do I need to travel to see them?!
P.S.: I feel ‘special’ because I viewed and scanned the source code of her page to find out how to link to her pic directly even though I’d saved it to my hard drive. I’m sure she bought lots of bandwidth for all the traffic she’s going to have so she won’t mind with this extra publicity… 🙂 ?…?

9 thoughts on “Holy Crap! I Need to Make Another In-between Post Today!!!

  1. I got a membership yesterday and all I can say is damn!!!…one thing for certain is Mercedes knows how to scout for new models for her site. The chick Chocolate Pear I know is on myspace.

  2. I might have to put in for a membership. When I first saw her after clicking the newsletter link my jaw dropped!

  3. hello chocolatepear… would love to see u do more vids…. can u do some walking around vids (at the very least) with sexy pants (spandex, or any fitted material clothing from a store like Rainbow) so we can see how jiggly your beautiful big ass really is? holla…

  4. I think chocolate pear is the sexy bbw I’ve ever seen! Any man would and should consider himself the luckiest man in the world if he ever got an opportunity with her!! I know I would! Hell, I feel like the luckiest man in the world just looking at her pictures!!

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