Just Saw This and Wanted to Tell You it First

I know the text for the picture post was supposed to go here… or actually it was supposed to go in yesterday so this post could go here, but I had to say this now since it just happened. I pulled up in front of my apartment (The one with too many roaches in it lol) and there was this mature sitting on the front step that I think I taped for her thighs before and is in one of the picture posts on this blog. If she was the one I remember, then I taped her because of the size and cellulite of her bare thighs, so at least I got her on tape so I don’t have to worry about this time. Well this time she was even more barely dressed- too much for outside. I’ve never seen a woman just sitting outside with her titties hanging out alone on a normal and quiet neighborhood street, or any street for that matter. I couldn’t tape her though because it was too dark. This occured approximately 3 hours before this entry was posted as I’ve just gotten thru with getting in the house and settled and getting over some email I got pertaining to a reversed PayPal payment from two days ago from some loser who didn’t realize that internet memberships rebill and didn’t have time to email me either, so I just got to this. The woman’s breasts weren’t all the way out, but if the dress is so low cut and she is leaning forward and you can see areolas even though she’s black and it’s dark then I think that counts as them hanging out! Sorry I don’t have a picture or an upcoming blackstreetbbw.com video, but like I said, it was too dark for the camera.

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