I Miss Vids at BCF

I was editing and posting a few candid thick women videos for blackstreetbbw and came across this one vid that I’d basically only kept as a reminder and marker to myself of what could have been then. See this woman?

 I could have captured her RUNNING ON VIDEO if Only I’d been smart. Burlington Coat Factory’s parking lot is a ‘lucky/unlucky spot’ because every time I go there, I see hotness in the parking lot that I’m not prepared for! Never fails. I often see at least two women to tape before I even get to the store. So… why did I think against holding my candid camera in my hand so I’d be ready for the ‘lucky/unlucky moment’ since I’d been smart enough to try turning my camera on this time? I thought this woman might not be worth it, but might be, and then she started racing her son. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. I was going to delete the video, and I’m not posting it on blackstreetbbw, but I decided to keep the raw file in case I found a use for this painful readiness reminder in the future. Here’s what’s left of the sighting, the video I did catch: THIS IS A VIDEO LINK. See how sad that is?
But the happy news is… the weather is letting up so I can finally go back to Virginia Beach! Yay! Can’t wait! Hope I can get tired of being online early enough that I can go to bed early enough to get up early enough and not be tired when I get there…

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