Dissapointing Candid Video Trip to Virginia Beach

Ugh. Awefully sour title for a blog entry here, but I had to write it. I came back from yesterday’s trip to Virginia Beach for material for the future of BlackStreetBBW sorely dissapointed. Know why? Of course you don’t. I ended up going out a little too early, so the first 90 minutes were slow and things picked up fast later. Like last time, I ran my camera until the battery ran out, but unlike last time, where there was a trickle left in it for last minute shots and emergencies, this time the battery ran slam out. The reason I came home mad was… 5 of the 6 best things that happened there happened AFTER the battery died, starting with the thing that killed it!!!!! I was following this wide ass white girl walking with her man through the mall, and when I looked down at my camera to start the video the screen was on and rolling but when I looked at it after I stopped it it was black! That meant I’d just shot a corrupted video! The file plays though, it just doesn’t seek. When I looked at it later to verify this and see where it stopped, already knowing that it didn’t make it to the ending highlight, I discovered that it ended right before the part where the angles start really getting good, and way before the end where her man started clutching that big wide for us to watch (wishing we were him at that moment) as they turned into a store and I left them to cut the recording and stay out of trouble.
I was on my way to go to the bus at that point, so if I hadn’t just missed it, the losses would’ve stopped there- but no- they didn’t stop! As soon as I walked back into the mall to wait 20 minutes in the A/C before returning to the bus stop, I saw a really good looking, bulging bouncing ssbbw. She was nothing to cry over missing, but taping her sure would’ve been worth it! I just had to follow her a bit without taping her, putting myself back into the state of the past where women walked by and I had no camera in my pocket to tape them, wondering how I survived that period. Just watched her booty bounce and thighs rub together as she lumbered on to a store. I missed a similar woman with a smaller overall size and bigger behind on the way out and said “Man, I think I can survive without that, but damn!” Being able to see her from as far away as I was, I just knew that was good! Then I get to the bus stop with my bike right as the bus pulls up, but I can’t get on it because there were already two bikes on the front double bike rack and I was not about to leave my new bike I brought with me to travel between Wal-Mart and the mall in Virginia Beach, so I had to wait for the NEXT bus- and miss more candids when I got on it. First off, the candid camera pregnant fans would’ve gotten something extra nice, because this girl got on the bus with her man, but there were no pairs of seats available yet, so she sat down right next to me and looked at him. A wheelchair had just been on the bus, so the front area seats were still up and he pulled them down so their were two seats together, she hesitated, then went to sit with him before someone else did. I could’ve squeezed a real nice moment in where she plopped down in the seat right next to me and looked away from me at the guy she’d come with.
Then last, there was this fat girl sitting right across from me with a big butt an no underwear leaning forward, with that exposed rump jiggling around everytime the bus went over some bumps. I put my hand up like I would have had I been holding my camera to see how steady the shots could’ve been, and lo and behold, they’d’ve been steady enough to catch that good. Her behind was a little hairy, but my cam’s resolution isn’t high enough for catching that, so I guess lower res was a little better then…? Anyways, you missed all of that because of a dead built-in rechargable battery. I KNEW I should’ve brought the charger with me, but I was like, what good will it do me if I’m sitting there plugged into an outlet, watching the women go by and not being able to tape them? If I turn the cam on then it won’t charge fast enough, so I’ll accomplish zero. Well, it turns out the mall had a sitting step and power outlets in the mensroom, so I could’ve spent the time I wasted walking around in the mall missing things sitting in the bathroom charging, and still would’ve at least caught the two candids on the bus, the second one I mentioned outside leaving the mall. I wouldn’t’ve charged until after the battery died and I missed the bus, so I’d’ve still missed the first two of the last five of the six most awesome moments of my trip.
I’m not going to show any pics of this VA Beach mall and Wal-Mart trip because it wasn’t as good as last time, and I was too tired because I got there too early to go as far as to find the beach, but I really should have. And besides, I missed the best.

Yep, I was pretty pissed. You know what was the finishing ‘piss-off blow’ though? I woke up after going to sleep after getting home in the evening from there and pulled out a box of cookies that I’d had wrapped in plastic to keep it safe from the billions of roaches that scour my apartment in search of things like that, and I opened the box to eat some, and right when I was about to finish, a baby one crawled into the box before I could close it, and when I tried to blow it out it was blown further in. Don’t know HTF that happened, but I guess it was physics. At least it didn’t get to the cookies, and it wasn’t in there to begin with, but in order to be able to feel right eating the rest, I had to evacuate them into the plastic bag I’d wrapped the box in and toss the box. That roach really pissed me the hell off, and I was so busy trying to save my snacks that it escaped into the carpet with it’s little life. I know life gets a lot worse than that (in fact, it already had, but you don’t need to know everything that goes on in my offline life), but that was a last straw type thing. I was so pissed that I had to type this entry that I was putting off typing because I was thinking it would make me more pissed, in order to get less pissed. *sigh*

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