LargeFriends Bugged Me Then Blew Me Off

Since I still got a little leftover unhappiness from my Virginia Beach failures (See Previous Post. MAN that was bad. I don’t know if I want peeps to send me words of encouragement after something like that or not, but if you want to comiserate or ask for more details about the ones that got away, read that post and leave your comments), I’m going to blog today about another messed up thing that happened around then.
I originally got contacted by through YouTube, via a personal message saying they liked the quality and material of my videos and wanted to partner with me through thier affiliate program. I normally wouldn’t dare try to work with a site with that kind of potential to bring in a bunch of hater visitors after

but I was like ‘If they actually saw my videos like they claimed to have and they say they like them, and there are adult BBW sites on thier links list, then I guess it’s okay’. But that was back when I was using the internet at the library and was unable to access thier site to partner with them.

Later, when I was back to using the internet at home, they sent me another email about this. Then another. Then they sent one to check on things when I’d agreed two emails ago but didn’t put the link up yet or sign onto thier affiliate program. Figured they must want me. Then, the other day I signed up to officially trade links with them. Of course that wasn’t joining thier affiliate program, but I was thinking about doing it later. Those commisions just looked too good to be doable. The link trade went through, and the site said my link should be reviewed within 24 hrs. It got reviewed and approved. I logged into my statcounter stats shortly before leaving the house and saw that a moderator in China for Largefriends had done the review and just approved my link. Then, when I’d gotten dressed to go and looked at my stats again 20 minutes later to see if one or two of thier ‘500000 registered members (a lot of potential traffic, right?)’ had clicked my link, and I found out that the moderator had revisited blackstreetbbw and just taken down the link they’d just approved, as if they couldn’t see the big link I’d posted on my Links Page or something.

Now why was that? After all that communication and all that time, after all that bugged and presumed interest, I didn’t a single visitor from that link trade and my links down already! I’ve linked with places that are gone now, but that’s the worst link trade I’ve ever done. I sent them an email, figuring they must know me, saying that if they won’t even link to me I’m not partnering with them in any way, shape or form. I hope there was just a bump or something and I’ll get traffic from LargeFriends after all; they haven’t responded to my email yet. Otherwise… fuck

2 thoughts on “LargeFriends Bugged Me Then Blew Me Off

  1. Man, it seems like these past few days, if you didn’t have bad luck, you wouldn’t have any luck at all! 😦

  2. What really really got me about the mess of the past few days is that EVERY FREAKIN’ TIME I have a once-in-a-decade candid moment going on in front of me and I have all the time in the world to get it on tape, I can’t because my camera is out of order. EVERY TIME! I am going to blog about that soon, but I’m not sure I want to put three negative posts back to back. If I do that though, that should take care of all the negativity I have to talk about so I can move on to something good that happened recently.

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