Customer Satisfaction Survey satisfaction survey.

I really need responses to this post. I think I’ve done a lot of things right but also gotten a lot of things wrong with my candid bbw video website,, so I really need your feedback on things. If you are or were a member, what aspects of the site are you satisfied or not satisfied with? If you’re not a member and have never been, what would you like to see more or less of? If you’ve never been to Blackstreetbbw.combefore, click the link and go have a look, then leave feedback there or come back here and leave it.

I really try to get visitor feedback, but it’s hard to get an answer to a question from visitors when I have one, so please, tell me what you like and don’t like about blackstreetbbw, and be as specific as you feel like getting!

13 thoughts on “Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. I’ve been a member and the only I ever really look at 3 of the catagories the breasts and the butts and the just “big” section. I’m not one for preggos or long hair but then I know their are those who do go for that sort of thing. I’ve been satisified with the frequency of the updates more consistent and worthwhile than alot of other candid sites charging more than what you do.

  2. I absolutely love your site. How you find the ladies with such enormous backsides, I will never know. Some of the ladies you find are just astounding!! By the way, how do purchases at your site show up on a credit card statement? Just don’t need the wife to see the purshase . .


  3. At first I didn’t put any though into how the purchase should appear, but then I started thinking about guys like you’s wives seeing thier purchases and started thinking. How a blackstreetbbw purchase should appear depends on whether you’re just subscribing now or not. For longtime members it will actually say ‘blackstreetbbw’ + something else if you subscribed at a special rate or 1 or 3 mo. But now only the length of time shows (OneMonthly, TwoMonther, ThreeMonther, OneTime, SixMonthLoyalty, [{PayPal} Payment sent][for Clip Store purchases]). On your bill it should just show as a payment to me, NOT ‘blackstreetbbw’

  4. Sorry it took so long to comment, it slipped my mind. I have seen some of your vids on youtube and am impressed. Which is why I contacted you. As an aspiring candid videographer myself, I love seeing other people’s work as motivation especially as I am trying to get my blog off the ground, I look up to candid videographers like you for inspiration. Like one day I was sittin on youtube and I came across one of your uploaded preview vids. After seeing the rediculous T&A, I grabbed my camera and went out. I should be getting better, CLOSER vids and pics because I got a new small camera(Canon Powershot SD1000.) It’s amazing crisp clear vids and pics and it small enough to fit in a carton of cigarettes. Amazing!!! I love BBW’s. Can’t stand a girl without cushion for the pushion. Bigger women just look better because there is more to f@#$.lol
    You always seem to run into such beautiful women. Do you carry your camera everywhere with you?

    OOh and I will add you to my links.

    Thanks for the encouragment and the advice these past few months. It is greatly appreciated!

  5. i’ve been a member before and i luv what u doing. the only thing is that the vids are too dark can hardly see. i would luv to continue my membership, so please clear it up

  6. You’re taking mainly about the oldest vids on the first 3 pages or so of each Site Section, right? None of my more recent vids are anywhere near as dark as some of those classic ones get, and since I learn something new every time I shoot, and I try to pay attention to every comment I get, positive or negative, I really do get better overall with almost every update folder. Have you noticed how the quality keep going up slowly as you go to more recent vids? That trend will continue for the forseeable future.

  7. Good to hear from you so quick. but no, i have not seen your recent moves (i will). i was a member sometime ago and always wanted to continue because you delivered what i was looking for. i will join tom. to check you out. Keep up tha good work

  8. I was wondering if my reply would fall on your ears or deaf ones, and just as you were glad for my quick reply, I’m glad for yours! Tomorrow will be a great day to join, and I have an awesome update slated to go up then or the next day. I know this’ll be out of date by the time people read it, but people should know how I roll and how I always respond quickly to people.

  9. Hi dear friend, I was a member for a brief period in the past and did some reviews of your videos as you remember. I think the plus sides of your website are the incredible number of videos there, it’s simply unprecedented and also the frequency of the updates. What I didn’t like (and I am being very “candid” in the hope to be helpful) is that it’s not very well organized IMO. Some videos appear under different categories and it’s difficult to navigate because there’s so much content. Some others are of lower quality for obvious reasons, and that’s ok, but I’d prefer to see a section with a top quality selection as far as video clarity, filming etc. And maybe move the videos that are hard to watch/blurry/shaky/etc in a separate category altogether.

    I would also like a separate category for “jiggling” which is something so difficult to capture in candid. I would include any kind of jiggling, boobs, thighs, butt, belly, anything. Some of your videos DO show jiggling and they’re amazing, they’re my personal favorites.

    One last idea of improvement would be to do more editing and add more contrast to the videos that are too dark.

    Beside this, I do think your website is unique in the candid niche. You can only make it better!

  10. Thanks! I appreciate that everyone here has said something positive, and that people here, but mainly in other places- have also been nice enough to leave thier negative comments too, because it’s a lot easier to fix something if I actually know it’s broke!
    I’ve been collecting feedback for too long, and now it’s time for me to start implementing more of it, so as soon as I finish uploading tomorrow’s new movies, I’m going to start feedback implementation!
    As for dark, blurry, or shaky videos, I’m not going to do anything with the existing ones or thier grouping, because usually the vids like that are either together on the page, or marked as such… or I kind of wasn’t even thinking about the shakiness… But! I’ve gotten several requests for an all-around jiggling section, and more for a best of the best section, so I’ll be getting on that soon, including making a seperate section for the Dangercam videos. I’ll be adding some graphics and links and stuff too, and as always, working on my filming techniques for the future videos. And I’m going to dabble in compilation videos. Anyone want anything else?

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