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Time to show those of you who don’t know, what the candid hidden video camera website is all about! It’s also time to show
current members some more of what the near future holds, so everybody check these pics out!
Each pic will open a whole gallery up in a new window for the woman


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Blackstreetbbw’s Fall Special!!

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I wanted to use a graphic for this, so I just googled ‘Fall Special’ and used the first graphic that came up LOL! XD
Blackstreetbbw needs some fresh members, so for the rest of the fall all new signups will be HALF OFF thier FIRST membership term!!

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Cockroach Poll:

Okay, before we get on to business as usual with something more important and less random tomorrow, let’s do my first ‘Weird’ category entry!
UPDATE: There are so many f’ing roaches in my apartment that when I went back to check my poll results, there was one crawling on the screen while I was reading them!

Roach Killing Poll

Next quesion:
For this one, check all that apply

LargeFriends Likes Me, but Google Hates Me

It’s been a while, and took me longer to follow up on the blackstreetbbw blog post ‘LargeFriends Bugged Me then Blew Me Off’, so if you need a refresher on what that post was about, read it.
  Well, that situation got taken care of well enough. The correspondant I’d been corresponding with had no idea why that had happened and told me to resubmit my site to Largefriends in the prompt response I got to my annoyed email. I did that, and for some reason my resubmission, unlike the first submission which may as well of not gone through, didn’t go through at all, and the woman emailed me to let me know she had to add my site by hand. Not only was she nice enough to just go out and do it, but she filed it in the right category, something I might not’ve done, because I’d thought that on a dating site, where I could be found by people who’d hate what I do, more often, I’d thought the ‘Other Section”d be safer. Somebody real nasty did find me thru largefriends, but still, it’s ok. She also picked a statement from my Home Page to use as my description, and used my title banner when she asked if it was all okay and I said ‘use my title banner so I have a banner’.
I’ve been around the ‘net enough to really appreciate a prompt response to emails and concerns!

Second, and Probably Final, MercedesBBWUncut Post! Hot!

Don’t get so excited about this one post that you forget to look at any of the other posts on this big booty bbw blog!

It time for everybody to get ready to go to to check out the hands down hottest (unless you have a belly fetish) bbws on the planet!!

Click the pic to go there now! …Or scroll down to find some Super Pear & UniquelyMadeDiva fun here before you go so you know why you’re going! Other than to spend a little money of course! You’ve got to patronize websites like this because they exist to get money. If nobody spends any money on them, they will die, and who wants that? If you want more stuff like this to be on the internet, support whatever sites you like with whatever you want to spend!
First off, Super Pear!
This woman just might have the wildest waist-to-hip ratio on the earth!

Wish I could share more video of her, but I don’t have anything else that didn’t come from Mercedes Member’s Area. I made this animated GIF so peeps could see a tiny little bit of Super Pear’s super jiggle! Mercedes liked it, and you’ll like it more! Right or Left Click the above right pic if you want to see it!

Since the YouTube video here had to be deleted, and I did at least get permission from Mercedes to post Super Pear pics, I’ve put her into my picture galleries. Don’t ask for more pics, because Mercedes only gave me permission to use one YouTube video, so I worked out of the one that was up. And she does know how to find this blog.

Now it’s time for UniquelyMadeDiva!

If you search the Google for pictures of UniquelyMadeDiva you won’t find enough, so let’s take care of that problem, shall we? I’m not showing any vidcaps from the Member’s Area videos of her, or from the first model audition DVD with her on it, but that doesn’t mean your pic searching time was wasted on this blog! Somehow I managed to find a Ladies Room Chronicles video with UMD in it- and no, the video was not something illegal some dude brought a cam into the ladies room to film! I think I found out about this from Jonas’ blog, the place where I originally discovered UMD, before she got big (on the ‘net, not the bottom!). You might’ve seen this one before, but since I doubt it, check it out!

If you pay attention to the video you can tell what state she’s in! Oh, and by the way, isn’t there bbw in there worth looking at besides UniquelyMadeDiva?

I wanted to make sure you saw something here that you haven’t already seen elsewhere on the ‘net, so, just like I went and spent time making that Super Pear animated GIF, I also spent some good quality time making some not quite good quality UMD pics. I pulled them out of the YouTube video as screen capture vidcaps, so they’re not hi-res, although they do look a little sharper if you shrink them, like most low-res pics do.

Make sure you SCROLL THROUGH THE GALLERIES after you click on the pictures to see the rest of them! There are a bunch of them to see if you scroll forward or back, or click View ‘Full Album’!

HOT DAMN!! These pictures are so hot, somebody viewed them AS SOON AS I POSTED THEM! They were only online for a few seconds and they have views going across them already! I hope this keeps up!
That first picture was the pic of my dreams! Well, that pic, and this one:

The last pic is one I dug up of UniquelyMadeDiva gettin’ her party on.
I practically had dreams about that 1st pic and the ones like it, and all the things they brought to mind because I was daydreaming about them too much! Imagine her gettin’ her walk on in a crowd of people with everyone having to make room for the queen! Or imagine her getting on a bus and walking down it for a seat… or not finding one… There are so many things you could imagine about hips like those, and that’s just BEFORE you get to your xxx fantasies!

Okay… I actually did throw a few pics in there (Where? Scroll through the galleries once you’ve clicked the pics and gotten to shareapic silly.) that came from the DVD as vidcaps. I hope I won’t be in trouble for doing it, but I’m sure it’ll be helpful because it’ll show people some of what they’ll see when they buy the DVD I did. Don’t ask me to pull more pics from my disc, because I didn’t make any of these vidcaps! I found them online, but they’re probably gone from where I found them by now. I also threw in the ones good ‘ol Jonas showed me, just in case you haven’t seen them before, so SCROLL THROUGH THE GALLERY after you CLICK THE PICS! Go to BBWSource sometime and tell Jonas I sent ya’!

Her Titties Can Carry Anything!

Sorry, no pics of the lady in this blackstreetbbw story.

How important is the audio in my vids? For those of you who haven’t seen any of my vids before, they are all videos of bbws (big beautiful women), mostly black, just about all very curvaceously curvy and shot candidly, meaning completely without the woman’s knowledge (sometimes I get caught though!). I know the audio in my videos is often muffled, but doesn’t it still make them better than the silent ones they used to be? Does anyone listen to it when there’s music or speech in it?

 Sometimes I use what I hear as a hindsight que that my camera should definately have been rolling. Case in point: On friday I was at the Wal-Mart in the checkout line, a place you may know that I try to not film women in at the main store I go to because there are several mean employees who know I videotape women in there that will try catch me in the act and throw me out of the store, and, well, the front register area is where the employees are concentrated, even though the lines may get so long and a bunch of registers may be unmanned so it amy not feel like it! Well I was up there getting into a line and I saw this short, thick shorty wearing a light grey (the absolute friendliest color for my camera) sweatshirt getting in line with some other women with her, so I got in that one. (Plus, it was shorter!) That shorty definately had a rack on her, but it wasn’t a rack to die for, so I decided it wasn’t QUITE worth the high associated risk. Was I wrong? I think so. Why? Was it because of her big bust? No. It was because of what she said.

  Like I said above, I take cool audio as proof that I should’ve been rolling the cam and celebrate when I was and frown when I wasn’t. It seems that the litte[big] woman in question was a former Wal-Mart employee… or at least an employee of a place just like it, and she had worked as a stock person. Being a stock girl must’ve been a bit of a challenge, seeing as she was so short, but she was talking like it wasn’t. Okay, actually the cashier was doing most of the talking, talking about how she’d worked for Wal-Mart for almost two years(as if that’s a real long time! [if it is, then Wal-Mart’s turnover’s even worse than I think it is!]), just not at this one store, and about what department she usually works in, but the shorty I was lookin’ at still added words. They agreed that working as a stockperson was the best place to be, but the cashier added: “But it depends on your back though. Some places don’t do insurance…”, to which the shorty abruptly laughed and replied: “That don’t matter to me.

My titties can carry anything!”
Her [more?] mature friends(?) reacted: “You stupid *lol*!” That was the final word besides “take care” because they were done and leaving.
Well, what do you think? WordPress just released a brand spanking new Poll Feature, so I’m about to take it for a spin and see if anyone was actually interested enough to scroll down this far!

Who Was That Masked Man?

A mysterious website lent it’s power to me for a day, and
look what happened to my site’s stats!

Blue bars are visitors. Green are pageloads. Orange are returning visitors.

Does anyone know what website that could have been?!

Most of the statistics you see in the graph are totally normal ones. Well, sort of, in that these are almost record high ‘normal stats’ for blackstreetbbw. The more effort I put into promotion, the higher my stats get, then if I slack off they slack back a little as new traffic sources get old and old ones die and go offline. Any day blackstreetbbw gets 500 or more members is a really good day, and I’m trying to get things to get like that and stay that way, and you can help out by clicking toplist links on this page!

  The mysterious website was raising visitorship waayy beyond my all-time high of 650 that I reached when Jonas and FatHipsKisser lent me some or thier power thru thier blog posts in my time of need, and of course beyond my second place day of about 600 unique visitors. It didn’t send me past the 1700+ pageviews I got that day though, because it was sending visitors directly to my Preview Page, bypassing my Home Page, and thus knocking off at least one pageview per visitor, so my ‘average interest per visitor’ went down to an all-time low of 1 pageload above exactly two.
In the very beginning I thought I was just going to have a good day, then I wondered how the little bit of promoting I’d done the day before that, as expected, got me nothing on thursday, could have paid off so big on friday, then as friday progressed, I made the observation that A LOT of people were coming from ‘No refferring Link’ and, althogh I didn’t figure it out at first, I got it by the end of the day that they were coming from some mysterious website and landing on the Preview Page, and the website just had some sort of refferrer blocking on it so I couldn’t tell it was sending me hits. Does the masked man who rode off into the sunset just like that really want me to never know his identity? I’d really like to know who sent me all that midnight-to-midnight traffic!
I wondered if it was maybe a site that was against what I’m doing sending people to look at how aweful I am. I had that happen one time. Someone made a post in ’06 on some music forum about me, saying “We should all ban together to get this site shut down”. A few people there actually seemed to have my back though, but you can probably think how the discussion went. I got a good[bad] traffic spike over the next few days off that, then the topic died off. I’ve had blocked refferer sites sedn me traffic before, and they did actually kind of scare me at first, but I got over that. They were all harmless, and I’ve figured that my mystery hero site (that got me two new signups all by itself, besides the one I’d’ve gotten on my own from YouTube) was for me rather than against me because I got signups in the middle of a signup drought thanks to it. Plus, if it was against me, I would’ve had some hate mail come from it! *freshly remembers most elaborate piece of hate mail ever recieved, with a picture and all* The members I got that day all piled in at once, with the first one I had to send login info by email being online with his email right at the time when I logged into mine right in time to be there very shortly after he paid, and then logging in immediately, almost as soon as I sent the email. Despite that rapidness, my second member of the day paid before he could do it! A third flew in shortly after.
  This is funny, because the days before I was wondering what it would feel like to surpass the 650 record I’d set and get 700+ visitors a day (An ammount never reached other than on that one day for me! Isn’t that sad?). Well, now I’ve gotten a preview of it. I just wish it could happen again… *sigh*

 And then what’s up with this? I had to add a little to this blog post when I noticed my blog stats did this! This was after the big friday, and a lot of the visitors came from blackstreetbbw, but still, at only two days later… was this the indirect work of the ‘Masked Man’ too?

Oh yeah, and the big Masked Man friday was the day I got to the top of the toplist! I’ve never been #1 on a toplist before, not even a little crappy one like XKisses!
Thank you Mystery Masked Man!