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Time to show those of you who don’t know, what the candid hidden video camera website is all about! It’s also time to show
current members some more of what the near future holds, so everybody check these pics out!
Each pic will open a whole gallery up in a new window for the woman


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Blackstreetbbw’s Fall Special!!

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I wanted to use a graphic for this, so I just googled ‘Fall Special’ and used the first graphic that came up LOL! XD
Blackstreetbbw needs some fresh members, so for the rest of the fall all new signups will be HALF OFF thier FIRST membership term!!

Now you can join Blackstreetbbw for

$1.75 for your first month!

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$7.00 for your first SIX MONTHS!
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Cockroach Poll:

Okay, before we get on to business as usual with something more important and less random tomorrow, let’s do my first ‘Weird’ category entry!
UPDATE: There are so many f’ing roaches in my apartment that when I went back to check my poll results, there was one crawling on the screen while I was reading them!

Roach Killing Poll

Next quesion:
For this one, check all that apply