Desis Candids!‘s webmaster presents to you his newest blogroll link partner:


He’s a brand new videographer on the candid bbw scene, but since he’s posted some fresh footage and he says he’s got a new camera for the job, it looks like he’s serious about doing this, so go over to his blog and check things out! (Don’t forget to visit MY site, too:!) He said he’s going to spread some of his video work posts over a span of time instead of posting more at once until he gets more visitors… that means get your butt over there NOW… otherwise he might lose some of his newfound interest in this and post less- or worse yet- give up! And when you’re on his blog (or mine!) LEAVE COMMENTS! That’s what he’s doing this for, but nobody’s rewarding him for his effort (nobody’s been rewarding ME for MY work either because blackstreetbbw hasn’t had any real new signups in a week 😦 , but supporting desi will be easier because it’s free to do!). The only person so far who has left him a real comment so far is me! I’m the only one!

One thought on “Desis Candids!

  1. I just found this. Thank you VERY much for this. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate this. I’m very busy with school so I haven’t really been able to c=shoot lately but In a week I’ll be off of school for six weeks. You know what that means ;)!!

    Once again thanks a lot. I really appreciate it!

    Think thick!


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