Blackstreetbbw Will Soon Include Shareapic Hosted Galleries

That’s right. Thanks to seeing Jonas Join GuyInTheBack in using shareapic and then going from sporadic blogging to crazy blogging I’ve decided to go ahead and finally join them in this. I don’t expect much money, or expect to get ANYTHING soon, but I need to build some kind of future for, and with the new member slump I’m in right now, I’m not building it through the site right now. In the apartment where I live rent is paid twice a month, and with this month’s days as they are, this is one of those months with 5 rent fridays in it, so I get a 4 week break before rent’s due again so I can stash some cash and be okay.

So is starting with shareapic!

I want to make sure my pic galleries get approved by moderators first, so even though nothing I have to post violates shareapic’s clean content policy, well you know there’s still probably administrative discretion, so I took a tip Jonas got and passed on to me, and for now, this gallery is full (Not!), of pictures of my old fish that are all deceased now. There will be ‘fishier’ stuff going in to these galleries later, once they get approved, but you should still go over and look at these pictures because will get paid for each one you view in a day (multiple clicks of one in a day by you won’t help 😦 ). Please click on the shareapic links on this page. Doing so won’t help my dead fish’s little spirits rest in peace, but it will help my dead[at the moment] website build up a slightly brighter life.

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