The Short and Difficult Life of’s Experimental Camera

Time to put up a little post about the candid camera equipment I use. members: You may have noticed some ‘funny looking’ pics on the Blackstreetbbw Upcoming Candid BBWs Page and then forgot about them when they left the page, but now they’re in the Member’s Area, so I better tell you thier story now, lest you be shocked or something when you see them, thinking the old camera tried to return from the grave!
  There’s actually a bit of a story behind it all, but I’ll cut to the chase first:
I started experimenting with hooking a ‘blackstreetbbw classic’ style camera to my current recorder to bring you better quality animation in select videos, had to build my own microphone and adapter for it all, then caught hell trying to make it all work when I made an ‘astonishing’ discovery: The parts I constructed work better than the parts they constructed so I couldn’t make it relible and it eventually died, but not before I squeezed a few vids out of it over a couple updates.

  Now that I think of it, I probably better spare you a lot of the details, because they just involve me struggling through technical stuff with my little electronics knowledge trying to make things work. One big thing that really effected they way blackstreetbbw’s turned out over ’08 and will for much of ’09 was a short circuit in the AV jack of the camera I’m currently using. Had it not been for that short, I’d’ve been using the classic wireless camera in conjunction with the current camera A LOT, and most of the videos produced with the current camera/recorder would’ve been 30 fps instead of the current 20 fps. Someone on SGurl once praised a video I made and asked why it had a funny ‘underwater’ look, and that 20fps’s why. Well that, and the fact that my current camera’s pinhole lens is a dust magnet, so it had some dirt on it at the time of filming.

 When I finally realized, thanks in large part to Windows Movie Maker 2.0, that I truly was running at just twenty frames per second, I got back to trying to use the classic style camera (it was actually a new piece though, that came in the box with my current camera, and was smaller than my original one.) with my current camera/recorder. Then I encountered another problem: I didn’t have the connector cable I’d needed because I’d broken it long ago in frustration over it’s not working. So… I went online and ordered a replacement, and held off on the project ’till it arrived by mail. I tried finding it in electronics and audio stores first, but none of them carried a part like that in that small size. During this time, I’d been emailing a blackstreetbbw member(can’t remeber his name or email) saying I’d email him some of my ‘camera of the future’ stuff, as soon as I got the hookup to work right, thinking it was just a matter of wiring up the plug. Turns out, I never really got it all to work, so he never got his promised video. Good thing the promise came with strings attached: IF I could get it all to work right.

 Once I got my package I discovered my next big obstacle: my current cam’s AV jack was made for audio, but could not normally accept it through RCA compatible devices due to a weird configuration, so I would have to wire things up straight all by myself, instead of being able to do things the easy, non-messy way. Boy, did things get messy. I had to destroy almost all of the plug I’d ordered, rendering it down to just the little piece that actually goes into the jack, stripped that, and called that tiny thing ‘the key’. A very tiny piece that I had better not lose!

I did a whole battery of tests of things trying to louden up the audio, but nothing worked, so it stayed faint, but first I had to get it to work period, and that took time. I tried amplification that I could figure out with my little old electronics book, and even went out and bought a toy cd player to tryt and use the circuitry in there to see if that’d work better, but nothing really did. So… once I got to the point where I had audio and video I called it done enough to test, and that test is what you see in the Member’s Area right now.

  It was a complicated thing too. Between the short in the professional part and the sloppy tentativeness of my amateur part, the circuit was barely able to hold together for the test. I took it way down the road to where the mall and the ‘backup (In case I get banned form the main and better one)’ Walmart are located, but stopped at the Target up there first to see if any bbws were in there. None were. I’d been wanting to use a wired camera setup a while back with the original camera setup, and even tried that out once or twice in the classic videos, and I had a similar usage plan for my test. I put the recordercam in my pocket, with rubber bands and tape around it to help keep the short in order, and the cables ran out of it and up through my sweatshirt sleeve to the cam in my hand. I had a real mess up my sleeve too, because the circuitry I’d wrapped and insulated with tape, including it’s two 9volt batteries, was all up there. I entered the mall very self conciously, and looked for the security truck, hoping my suspectness hadn’t been noticed. Once inside, I made this: THIS IS A CLICKABLE VIDEO LINK! The full length version was much better than that, but it still ended real bad when my setup glitched and stopped recording, like it hiccuped and fell off or something. That vid there was just a test one I made to make sure the file wasn’t too corrupted to make a wmv out of without a file rescuing fix-it program. I had to fiddle with the camera to keep it going too. Next, I went to try the test system out on another seated ssbbw of similar size, but the camera absoultely failed me then, and I learned a little lesson about it. I think the woman busted me too, because of something she said to the people she was squeezed together on the mall bench with, but I don’t know. I do think she might’ve noticed something weird in my hand and sleeve and thought I was some kind of perv or secret security unit that wasn’t very slick. I was like ‘man, all this stealth and I was busted already’!

  And speaking of ‘busted already’, that’s what that system is. I tried to make it better, and somehow made it get worse… and then die. I did squeeze another test set out of it first though, so look for it.

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