Who Was That Masked Man?

A mysterious website lent it’s power to me for a day, and
look what happened to my site’s stats!

Blue bars are visitors. Green are pageloads. Orange are returning visitors.

Does anyone know what website that could have been?!

Most of the statistics you see in the graph are totally normal ones. Well, sort of, in that these are almost record high ‘normal stats’ for blackstreetbbw. The more effort I put into promotion, the higher my stats get, then if I slack off they slack back a little as new traffic sources get old and old ones die and go offline. Any day blackstreetbbw gets 500 or more members is a really good day, and I’m trying to get things to get like that and stay that way, and you can help out by clicking toplist links on this page!

  The mysterious website was raising visitorship waayy beyond my all-time high of 650 that I reached when Jonas and FatHipsKisser lent me some or thier power thru thier blog posts in my time of need, and of course beyond my second place day of about 600 unique visitors. It didn’t send me past the 1700+ pageviews I got that day though, because it was sending visitors directly to my Preview Page, bypassing my Home Page, and thus knocking off at least one pageview per visitor, so my ‘average interest per visitor’ went down to an all-time low of 1 pageload above exactly two.
In the very beginning I thought I was just going to have a good day, then I wondered how the little bit of promoting I’d done the day before that, as expected, got me nothing on thursday, could have paid off so big on friday, then as friday progressed, I made the observation that A LOT of people were coming from ‘No refferring Link’ and, althogh I didn’t figure it out at first, I got it by the end of the day that they were coming from some mysterious website and landing on the Preview Page, and the website just had some sort of refferrer blocking on it so I couldn’t tell it was sending me hits. Does the masked man who rode off into the sunset just like that really want me to never know his identity? I’d really like to know who sent me all that midnight-to-midnight traffic!
I wondered if it was maybe a site that was against what I’m doing sending people to look at how aweful I am. I had that happen one time. Someone made a post in ’06 on some music forum about me, saying “We should all ban together to get this site shut down”. A few people there actually seemed to have my back though, but you can probably think how the discussion went. I got a good[bad] traffic spike over the next few days off that, then the topic died off. I’ve had blocked refferer sites sedn me traffic before, and they did actually kind of scare me at first, but I got over that. They were all harmless, and I’ve figured that my mystery hero site (that got me two new signups all by itself, besides the one I’d’ve gotten on my own from YouTube) was for me rather than against me because I got signups in the middle of a signup drought thanks to it. Plus, if it was against me, I would’ve had some hate mail come from it! *freshly remembers most elaborate piece of hate mail ever recieved, with a picture and all* The members I got that day all piled in at once, with the first one I had to send login info by email being online with his email right at the time when I logged into mine right in time to be there very shortly after he paid, and then logging in immediately, almost as soon as I sent the email. Despite that rapidness, my second member of the day paid before he could do it! A third flew in shortly after.
  This is funny, because the days before I was wondering what it would feel like to surpass the 650 record I’d set and get 700+ visitors a day (An ammount never reached other than on that one day for me! Isn’t that sad?). Well, now I’ve gotten a preview of it. I just wish it could happen again… *sigh*

 And then what’s up with this? I had to add a little to this blog post when I noticed my blog stats did this! This was after the big friday, and a lot of the visitors came from blackstreetbbw, but still, at only two days later… was this the indirect work of the ‘Masked Man’ too?

Oh yeah, and the big Masked Man friday was the day I got to the top of the xkisses.com toplist! I’ve never been #1 on a toplist before, not even a little crappy one like XKisses!
Thank you Mystery Masked Man!

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