LargeFriends Likes Me, but Google Hates Me

It’s been a while, and took me longer to follow up on the blackstreetbbw blog post ‘LargeFriends Bugged Me then Blew Me Off’, so if you need a refresher on what that post was about, read it.
  Well, that situation got taken care of well enough. The correspondant I’d been corresponding with had no idea why that had happened and told me to resubmit my site to Largefriends in the prompt response I got to my annoyed email. I did that, and for some reason my resubmission, unlike the first submission which may as well of not gone through, didn’t go through at all, and the woman emailed me to let me know she had to add my site by hand. Not only was she nice enough to just go out and do it, but she filed it in the right category, something I might not’ve done, because I’d thought that on a dating site, where I could be found by people who’d hate what I do, more often, I’d thought the ‘Other Section”d be safer. Somebody real nasty did find me thru largefriends, but still, it’s ok. She also picked a statement from my Home Page to use as my description, and used my title banner when she asked if it was all okay and I said ‘use my title banner so I have a banner’.
I’ve been around the ‘net enough to really appreciate a prompt response to emails and concerns!

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