Let’s See if I Can Get Things Going Now.

For a minute there it looked like the blackstreetbbw.com blog was going to die or something, because I got a special account message from WordPress saying they had “a concern with some of the content of” my blog. …But! It’s not what you think! What it actually was was that it looked like the fact that I have a clips4sale link and a shareapic link in my sidebar made it look like I might be trying to violate thier terms of service with ‘affiliate marketing’ type links! They said that “Ideally, they should come down.”! Okay, down they go then, but I’m not changing my blog!

  Okay, maybe I AM changing my blog, but in a good way! I’m going to go back through all of my unfinished interesting entries and finish them! So look through here real soom, once I get sure that everything will be okay and get back on posting and go through all the older entries until you get past the super long one on Virginia Beach and you should see new stuff! Make sure you take the polls you see too! They make ths blog more fun, and are SO easy to participate in!
Here are the main polls again so you can take them here too:
Favorite Model:

Favorite Blackstreetbbw.com Preview Video:

If a woman I was thinking about taping says something aloud that could enhance the erotic value of my videos is that a sign I should’ve taped her(Whether I wasdoing it or not)?

Cockroach Poll (lol)

  When I first tried to take the offending links down, it turns out I couldn’t because my account only LOOKED like it had been reenabled, but after sending out two different sets of cries for help, somebody from WordPress deleted my SIDEBAR shareapic link and reenabled my posting here. Good. I just had to delete the Clips4Sale link myself and it was done.

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