Just to Let You Know What’s Up Like Before

Back before on this here blog, when it’d been a while between real posts and real updates on my corresponding website, www.blackstreetbbw.com, I’d go and make a simple little blog post letting everybody know I’m still alive and updating… so speaking of updating there’s still an ammount of updating of old things going on here on this blog, (Going all the way back to this entry.)and there’s updating of new things happening today in the blackstreetbbw.com Member’s Area!
And… since something good happened to me today that I wanted to post immediately after I freshly discovered it, and because there’s a lot of text at the top of my blog right now, I’ve decided to include a little pics gallery of just about all the vids that are going up later today for all the non-blackstreetbbw members to look at and see the women that have thier pictures going up in today’s member’s area update without thier knowledge!

And what’s the good news thing that happened to me today that made me want to include pics in this fresh posting? Blackstreetbbw got publicity! Somebody just made a forum post about it for me. I wondered if it’d be a good one or whether it would be an unrelated-to-adult-material place, but nope Blackgirls Online looks adult enough to me! I’d’ve provided a link, but it doesn’t look like the site is accepting new registrations, so I can’t get in, and you probably can’t either. And if you could, you’d already know about this! If you do know, leave me a comment!

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