Blackstreetbbw’s On the Second Page of The BBW Registry!

Oh no! has fallen back onto the second page of The BBW Registry! The BBW Registry’s’s number one source of traffic… or at least it is when‘s on the top of it! I’ve fallen back on to the second page and traffic from there has really dropped off! Traffic as a whole has not dropped off. In fact, I’m getting record traffic- without the BBW Registry- so just think how I’d be doing with the registry on my side!

If you like, then you need to go there RIGHT NOW and CLICK on The BBWRegistry Link! If you don’t know what is about, now’s the time to find out- and find and click that link!
The’s doing well right now, and YOU can HELP make sure it stays that way!

Which Blackstreetbbw Preview Video is Your Favorite?

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve changed the Preview Video Set to some that seem to be converting a lot better (Then again, it could just be the Fall Special!)
  Anyways, go to the Preview Video Set Page and watch the videos, then come back here and vote for your favorite(s). The links even open in new windows so you won’t get lost!

Thunder [BBW]’s Thunder Thighs

It’s time for thunder! No, not thunder thunder, but the thunder thighs of thunder thigh bbw web model thunder! I wish she’d shosen a two word name, because thunder alone turns up a lot of pictures of thunder bolts, than thunder thighs.
… but anyway, that, and the fact that my previous post on her generated a lot of traffic for me here, are why I’m posting this now.
I beleive Ms Powerbosom should be okay with this because I emailed her and specifically asked her if thunder still models for powerbosom and if it’d be okay if I make one post on thunder and share her clothed non-porn pics via my shareapic gallery. She responded and said she liked my site too, but the answer was a little ambigous, & I didn’t get a response when I asked for more clarification, so I’m putting the pics up now, and if any problems do arise, I’ll just take them down.
No more talk! thunder PICS! 78 inch ass with 28 inch waist! (What are the inches of her thighs?!) Unbelievable!