Blackstreetbbw’s Last Blog Post of the Year ’08
Just doing a little ‘year in review that I feel like’ post and letting you know that there will be some sort of update on January 1st, but it probably won’t really get finished until the second. It’ll feel like it was on the second, so it will practically be on the second, but I don’t want to get ’09 off to too late a start in this way, so something will go up on the first, late in the night eastern time.
2008 got off to a really bright start with the very first videos from my current stealth cam going online and the ‘dangercam’ still in use, but things kind of ground to a halt overall progress-wise during the year. I write this post on a pessimistic not because for the from the time the site started in July ’06 until summer ’08, membership always rose overall. It had it’s ups and downs over the weeks, but month to month it always went up in members, even if only by one. At one time blackstreetbbw had 221 members (blackstreetbbw’s always been a little site about big women), but then things went south. Do you know what it was like for me to watch blackstreetbbw, in the course of one month- October- go from 220 members to 180, then to 169 two weeks later? Talk about downsizing. Even my first member, the only person who joined before blackstreetbbw’s first update ever, cancelled his membership during october. October sure was bad. It killed all the progress of the entire year.

Well, now I look forward to starting ’09 with about 178 members on board with me, and wonder how I will make this year what it needs to be with a start like this. I’m still planning on going to D.C. for the inauguration, but it really is starting to sound like that’s going to be a hair-raising, cold-and-madness fighting journey from planning to finish. I know 2009 will be the year shines. I just can’t wait to find out how.

Video of the Mature White Woman with the All Around Behind: The Spread & the Shelf

Did you read the story in this blog post? Well, this white woman has both! The whole enchilada of bbw ass! It spreads out in every direction- including out back! Sure, maybe she can’t dance, but I don’t think she’s dancing to the music that’s playing in the video, because it doesn’t skip when the video does, and sure she’s mature and all, but have a look at this video anyway! It brought a smile to my face- for good reasons- and if you like pear shaped bbws it will likely bring one to yours too!
As soon as I saw this, I smiled and said “I have to blog this!”. I do that every time I slip onto DailyMotion and see something like this. I think I like DailyMotion better than YouTube a lot of times because they have some stuff on there that Youtube would eventually ban, although even DailyMotion banned my old account with them.
I’d wanted to make some vidcaps from that video, but stuff happened to that. A difference between DailyMotion and YouTube is an icon that appears when you pause a video. Combine that with the limited number of working jumping points in the video to skip to and I’d either have to do some tough screencapturing of live playing video, something I’ve never tried before- now that I think of it- or I’d have to accept that mark. Well, turns out I’d be better off not making them at all, because the little-known associated website said don’t.

What website? The little website BountifulBBW! (Really cool site for anyone who’s a fan of stuff, but I really am not feeling thier first ‘covergirl’. I like Cheesecake). All the site is there for is to get you to download their catalog (Worth it! Do it! I did! Over a year ago! Do it! Do it now!), so later on you will order thier hot bbw stuff through it. That’s why you don’t see much of thier fabulous (or should I say flabulous?) work floating around on the ‘net. They also say in the blurby fine print that you agree not to morph or make anything out of thier stuff ever to post on the ‘net, and since I really want my blog to stay open, I guess that means I shouldn’t try to make money off thier site by putting thier screen caps in my picture sharing account! I can respect that. Now I can work on blackstreetbbw‘s 1st ’09 update instead of all those difficult screencaps.
I’d forgotten all about thier site by the time I checked it today because I hadn’t had enough money when I’d found it a long time ago.

The Unofficial Candid Camera BBW Blog of the Internet!

Welcome to The Blog of Blackstreetbbw, the one and only candid curvy black bbw picture, video, and story blog of the internet!
Representing one of the only candid camera websites specializing in curvy bbws and ssbbws,!
(Click pics for larger versions!)

Visit Black Street BBW’s Candid BBW Clip Store: Prices Now Cut in Half!

My site,, pretty much needs to do a ‘fundraiser’ in order for me to help make the cash I need soon to stay out of trouble and on track for my upcoming trip to Washington, D.C., so I’m trying to boost the staggeringly low conversion rate of the Blackstreetbbw Clip Store. Now all clips are TWO for one! That means you can buy any TWO clips for just $1.50! Or FOUR Member’s Area clips for just $2.25! Six for $3.25! So if you just wanted a few clips, you can just buy whatever clips you wanted and save. Also members have a reason to visit too! I hate to keep dangling teaser videos in front of you and then not updating the member’s area yet, but I really do need to at least try this fundraising thing, so… any video you see on this blog that you know isn’t in the member’s area, and it was NOT shot using the ‘dangercam’ (the camera that current Member’s Area videos are NOT shot with!). You can order any two you want and see them now! Just use the Clip Store to put in an order, and put the names of the pictures for the videos you want in the info box. You’ll pay for them through PayPal like you did for your membership, and I will email you your videos withing 24 hrs. You can get the name of any pic by clicking on it to go to ShareAPic if it’s linked to there (as most of my pics are), and then just downloading it.
Once again, all videos are now TWO for one on the posted prices! I will be updating the Clip Store soon, but you should order now if you want future clips now!
There is two ‘dangercam’ video that you can have now(because they don’t need editing)- if, of course, you’re willing to pay $1.50 for them or pick whatever other video you want with one, and these are those two:

If you like thunder thighs, you will not be dissapointed, because the subjects are good, and the quality is too- 640×480!
And do you know who the first girl is? Remember that woman with the huge butt in the black spandex pants? Also in a Preview Vid here on this Page. Well, that’s her again! This is only a Thunder Thigh Video, admittedly, because her jacket hid her waist-to-hip ratio, but still!
I am getting a little tired of excessive teasing, so I’m working my butt off to bump up the next update and get it out on New Year’s Day. It might be late at night on that day, but ’09 will start off on a good foot with an update!

Candid Camera BBW Blog Post Too Important to Not Make: The Rest of the Xmas Candids

I’d thought that the hot bbw blog candid post at this link was going to finish it for’s Xmas posting season, but nope, ’cause the women were truly out there (even outside!!) on Christmas Eve.
Yes siree!

For the first time ever, I got busted with BOTH of my cameras!
Scroll to the bottom for the story! Or click the pics to open the gallery (Scroll right if an ad gets in your way.)

 &nbps&Busting story time!
You see the thick girl with tits in the dead center pic(I counted!)? Well, as I was taping her, this Wal-Mart bitch that knows what I come there to do appeared without warning in the background, and she was walking this way when she did, and when I saw her I was like, ‘Oh shit! Time to cut this perfectly good video short. And it’s barely long enough but I gotta do it! Maybe if I put my camera down so it will be behind this thing here, and I just turn away…’ She walked up to the older woman that the thick teen was talking to and said one of two things: A)”Excuse me ma’am. You see that guy right there? He’s taking pictures of you.” or B)”Excuse me ma’am. You see that guy right there? He’s taking pictures of your daughter here.” Either way, I know for sure the next words were these: Older woman: “Which guy?”
Bitch: “That man right there.”
, and either way, as soon as I heard ‘You see that guy right there?’ I hauled ass, so if the non-employee females did see me, all they saw was my ass sliding around the corner fast! I know it took a second for the women to turn around because they were looking at the employee, not me, plus I fast and only had to move a short distance to get away. Not knowing where miss bitch-with-a-job would show up next, I decided to weave my way out of the store, making sure to slip through the grocery side to snag some final footage of a big ass mature I’d left there for a moment.
  As I said before, I usually don’t get busted with my stealth cam unless I act stupid. The dangercam, on the other hand, often lived up to it’s name with the associated bustings, but this time I actually thought that it would help keep me from getting busted, and I was right, but I got busted with it anyway. I’d decided since it was Xmas Eve and the stores were more packed than I’d thought (silly me!) I should stop by this Ollie’s store I seldom go in to so I can play with the dangercam. I found someone to play with, then, as I left the store I found the girl from that black spandex pants Preview Video!

Before (stealth cam. 320×240) After (dangercam. 640×480)

Those of you who’ve seen the member’s area full length video and paid attention to the audio or description know that that girl busted me bad enough the first time to know what camera looked like if she knew what my face looked like. She remembered me. The dangercam has a very different disguise from the stealth cam (I had to finally official name my current primary instead of just calling it ‘regular’!) and even though it’s more obvious, it’s different, and that difference got me right into the lion’s den in the store next door to get away with some decently hot footage of this one, even with her suspecting I’d be after her ass with a cam. It just took a while for her to find the lens, which she did, right after giving me the best frontal shot I could’ve thought of, just like last time. Then things got ugly, and they got a lot uglier than last time.
Time to get lazy znd just quote myself from an email I sent someone about this instead of typing the story afresh:
  “You can almost tell that my escape door would only open from the outside because she couldn’t use it to get out either. Some kind of alarm thingy just happened to go off right at that time, but my mind wasn’t on it. I was just trying to get out of there, and it was a potentially dangerous situation because, well, I’m not that heavy, but she clearly was. I’m sure she wasn’t 400 lbs, but how close do you thing she was to 400? Then she was with this other woman who was at least 400 pounds, and another two at about 200 each, so with the entrance only for entering, that means there was only one way out and I had to go past half the store employees and about 1200 lbs. of angry fat women to use it! If those women wanted to celebrate xmas by making the next episode of this YouTube video ( ) there would’ve been nothing I could’ve done, and that would probaly’ve been the true death of the dangercam!
At the time I thought I’d gotten her from behind at the very end when I whipped the camera past her when she tried to leave, but you know how time flies when you’re having fun and crawls when you’re not. Time was crawling, so I thought I’d gotten her behind then. Good news is, I did get some rear footage of her in another clip, but that was the best clip that I gave you. I thought maybe I shot her walking in, but I didn’t want to look like I was following her and messed that part up, so there’s no rear walking footage.
Did I know her? No, but you surely remember the ‘red grade’ video of that girl in the pinkish shirt and black spandex pants with braids in her hair in Wal-Mart. Yes, that girl in that ‘red grade’ video. Did you hear what she and her friend said in that video and how she busted me? She recognized me as soon as she saw me, so that’s why it was safer for me to use the bigger cam. I was hoping since it was different I’d be able to get away with it since it wasn’t the cam she remembered. Almost sorta worked, but when she got close…”
To make that story short, I think I got save by the spirit of christmas, ’cause that could’ve gotten rough. Fortunately, all she gave me was a brief tounge lashing. She walked right up to me and started talking: “You need to stop that. You’re a triflin’ dog!” “He got the nerve to have a hole in his pouch.” “In here takin’ pictures- videotapin’ people (she hit the nail right on the head this time)” She told her people about me. “He got a hole in his pouch with a video camera in it.” “He does?” “Yeah! Oh, but he got it covered up with his shirt now. You’re a triflin’ ass dog!”

I think that and the looks I got as I walked right past them after winding through the store to get out are about all of it.

I am very glad they didn’t try to bar my exit. Maybe I was so trifling and creepy and perverted and they so wanted to be rid of me that no one wanted to touch me, and that’s the only reason they didn’t try to stop me.

‘Very Important’ Question: Why Do a Lot of Black Women have Butts that Stick Straight Out, and Most White Women Don’t?

This question has a lot to do with, doesn’t it?…
Glad somebody asked this. Check this Q&A thread while it’s still up. The topic’s closed there, so why not bring your answer back here and start a discussion?

Free Super Pear and UniquelyMadeDiva Pics!: Can you find the BBWs now?’s 101st Blog Post! Yay! Celebrate by going to!!

Scroll down for MORE PICS!

I know Super Pear from Mercedesbbw is hot! I know that because she is, and I see it in the fact that the post that preceded the one I emailed Mercedes for permission to make, the one about my initial discovery of Super Pear, has gotten more hits than any other post on this blog- by a long shot.

The problem is, I went on to make a greatly improved version of the original post, (That improved one’s the one linked here, and above) and it seems like nobody can find that. And that’s a problem because, despite my label on the first, crappy post linking people to the good one, people are still having a hard time finding it, and that was the post where you would find UniquelyMadeDiva and Super Pear pics you couldn’t find anywhere else because they were screencaps I made myself. They were my personal UMD and SP contribution to the internet, and nobody even knows it. The UniquelyMadeDiva screencaps came from a video of her at Club Bounce, and the ones of Super Pear came from the video Mercedes used to have on YouTube that she told me I could use. It’s clear that, in spite of all my efforts to steer peeps the right way, nobody was able to find the Super Pear pictures, because they have almost zero views. The UMD pics are short on views too. I’ll admit they’re a little short on quality, but they’re unique, (no pun intended!) so they should have more views on them!
SO, now I’m putting the pics right here so you guys who are getting here for the first time via Google can finally find them

Can you find the hot, sexy, supersized bbws now?

Black Street BBW Celebrates it’s 100th Blog Post with Mio!

WHOA Mama!

I know I probably shouldn’t be using a video that really looks like it was taken from a member’s area of a paysite and reposting as a post here- and thus using it to indirectly promote my own website, but I think that letting the few- or many- peeps left that still don’t know about Mio know what’s up, and thus directly helping her will make up for it.
I remember once emailing a member about UniquelyMadeDiva and telling him about Mio too, only to find out he hadn’t heard about her yet, and even though that was a minute ago, that’s a portion of my inspiration if you will, for making this post. Maybe some people love massive real racks but still haven’t heard of this wonderful girl
Here’s the link to her website She’s got one of the biggest natural racks in history! Look at her [pretty much]slim and stacked body, and then compare that to a video of Chelsea Charms to see the many, many subtle differences between the way giant real and giant fake boobs move. You will love this video below, so…
If you’ve never seen her before, CLICK THIS PICTURE LINK FIRST to watch the DailyMotion video that inspired me!!!

Click this picture to see the unbelievably amazing video on dailymotion

Then go join her website!! Then go join!

Xmas Candid Video Trip: Black Street BBWs ’09!

Part of the future of!!

You may have read My Plans for Blackstreetbbw in ’09. Well, if you want to read the rest of this entry, it’s below all my pics down at the bottom. Read that before you ask why these vids like this aren’t up now.
Each pic opens the gallery of pictures so you can scroll through it! (Scroll right if an ad appears and gets in the way at first.) Pregnant pics in the lower gallery

You may have noticed that I’ve been holding the new ‘dangercam’ videos back. There are two reasons for that. First off, as you might know, when I post updates to, I go through all the update folders I have stored on my hard drives and post the oldest unposted one as the update. I have a lot of stuff that you can’t afford, or bear, to miss, so that will not be skipped. I learn something new about what I do with almost every update, so if I post in this way the site will improve with almost every update, and not just get bigger. Speaking of updates, if you’re wondering where the next one on the site is, read here. The other reason you have to wait for the new camera videos is that the site’s existing videos that used this camera were all edited using a different computer. The computer and editing program I have now HATE that camera. My video editor crashed over 20 times just trying to make these screencaps, so imagine if I tried[again] to make a video? Can’t do that right now or my computer will blow up. If anyone can help me get a free or very cheap video editor I can use that would help a lot, but at least I have lots of time to find one before it’s time to post these vids. One other thing: some of the unposted ‘dangercam’ vids are 640×480 with much better picture quality than these!
One other thing that’s getting in the way, and also causing me to update the blog more heavily than the website it was designed to promote- promotion! I need money and new members more than you might think right now, so I’m working my butt off trying to promote blackstreetbbw. Kudos to a blogger and a Yahoo!er who posted links to me without my asking just recently. If anyone else wants to do that, or wants to do a link trade, Contact me!

YAY! 99th post!

Candid BBW & SSBBW Post: A New Style of Blog Entry Title-ing

Hugey over at HugeHeavyBreasts gave me some advice on my blog titles to get more traffic: They’re not keyword optimized at all! I looked at them in my mind and said “You’re right!” So for now on… I think… I’ll be using keyword rich titles followed by ‘my classic style’ titles. Why am I telling you this? To see if I can get some more traffic to this blog, and ultimately to!

Huge Heavy Breasts at HugeHeavyBreasts

I sent out 9 requests for link trades with, but only got 3 responses, and one of them was from the email message failure program because the recipient’s email turned out to be dead. (No wonder bustyshots would never link to me…) One of the others was from the blogger at HugeHeavyBreasts
(huge breasts)
(huge tits gallery)
(huge tits webcam)
We decided to not only reciprocate links, but posts too. I’ll never be able to send him anywhere near as much traffic as he’s sent me, so I’m glad I sent him a free ten day membership to blackstreetbbw. (Hint to any bbw bloggers out there! Agree to write a review of blackstreetbbw and get a free ten day trial membership to do it with! 😉 ).
But how do you review a blog? That’s like reviewing a review. Well… there are two totally awesome things I can say about his blog here. One: This guy updates his blog as much as I update mine! There are a lot of blogger who let you down when it comes to that, even if- or especially if- thier blog rocks. And second, I like his webcam-finding-girls-online activity. Did anybody like my post on JenniferB? When I’d found her stuff, I’d had some questions, mainly- did anyone know the original source of the video I was seeing? It looked like a webcam and possibly camshow video. Maybe it wasn’t a camshow video, but exactly, but thanks to HugeHeavyBreasts, I got my answer I was looking for! Apperently she did do some cam shows, and this guy was lucky enough to have actually found her online! If you want to know more about JenniferB, don’t search the google, or ask me, ask Hugey!! He’s got some camshow entries that really caught my attention. In fact, as much as I loved all the pictures on his blog (Everything tit lovers need, from slim and stacked to big and fat, fully clothed to hardcore!), the show parts were where the standout awesome factor was. Go to his blog and find out what’s good! I did, and I’m glad I did! You’ll be glad to when you see how rich in content it is!

Blackstreetbbw’s Plans for ’09

Quick note before I start: Blackstreetbbw‘s on the second page of the BBWRegsitry still so I need you to click this link to get blackstreetbbw it’s traffic back!
Somebody had asked this before in the form of a Google search, so I’d meant to post this then, but it looks like now’s the time to tell everyone my plans for ’09. I think this stuff will all happen because I pretty much met all my goals for ’08. (The stuff at the end of that entry was just stuff I was to be planning, not actually doing!)
  These are my plans for ’09, and I’m serious about actually carrying all these things all the way out. I’m planning on shooting longer videos in 2009, but I’m going to focus here on the big stuff. I’ll start the big stuff with the first thing coming, which is also the one that’s most likely to fail.
I want to go to D.C. for Obama’s Inauguration. I know people up there, so I don’t need a hotel room. I do however, need to bring my camera everywhere there just like I do here, just in case I see a bbw. If I can catch some honeys while I’m in D.C. happily enjoying everything else that’ll be a goal met, but the bottom could still fall out of that plan if things don’t come together for it.
  While I’m talking about going places, I’ve got fairly big plans there. Technically I’m in the south, being in Virginia and all, but I’ve kind of said that Virginia isn’t ‘south enough’ to be the south. I know that’s wrong because Super Pear lives in VA, (and UMD in CA- not technically the south, but south of there is Mexico and ocean, so it’s the souther half for sure.), but I’m still going to further south on a long trip this year. Somebody on YouTube told me I’d have the pick of the litter if I went to Houston, and if memory serves, I heard Houston is one of the fattest cities on the planet. So that means I’ll be taking my long trip there, and my short trip to the carolinas. I might take another trip to D.C. at the end of the year too… maybe. Then of course, there’ll still be my Virginia Beach trips (speaking of those, I’m posting lots of pictures of my next trip!), and they’ll be better because I’ll actually be hitting that beach, and I’ll probably hit Buckroe Beach a time or two.
While I’m taking those kinds of rides, and since I was banned from Hampton University, I’m going to start making stopovers at ODU. I looked it up online and it’s not ‘not quite black enough’ but ‘not quite’ didn’t look that bad to be, and I’m sure the place has plenty enough steps. Steps? Yes, steps are important. Just before I got banned from Hampton University, I learned the true value of steps, and right when I made my vow to tape this thunder thigh carrier down some, she carried those thunder thighs over to the police and raised some thunder- so I can’t go there anymore… at least not in ’09. Remember that Target I got banned from? I got a flat tire on my bike in the cold, and Wal-Mart was out of them and I was desperate, so I went back in there, and everything was okay, like I’d expected it to be. I bet if I wait until 2010 to go back to HU the police will not recognize me. If you combine a potentially different cop staff with the fact that shifts and things differ and I might be okay. Emphasis on the word ‘might’, because that particular girl might still be a student there and still recognize me, and if I get stopped by the cops and they run up the fact that I’m banned I’ll be in legal trouble! But yeah, watching women bounce and jiggle down steps is very worth watching, and I hope that with ODU being a public place that invites visitors to come over and explore by themselves, unlike HU, that requires everyone who comes onto the campus to apply for a day pass to be there, I hope I’ll be safe there. I also plan to go back to my old neighborhood around there to look for old haunts- and tape overweight teens getting off the school busses. That might sound creepy, but I’ve never been dissappointed by those bbw girls; I just never actually went out specifically to shoot them.
I also plan on hitting all these festivals, particularly the Af’ram Festival and Festival of Sail that I completely missed this year. I’m looking up smaller ones, and I’ll spend even more time at the Spring Carnival. Vids for the ’08 carnival are coming soon to the Member’s Area as soon as ’09 starts.
  Well those are my place plans. My ‘site plans’ include implementing the things that feedback-leavers have been repeatedly telling me and that I’ve been saying I was going to do. That, and adding the coolest new content I can come up with to The Bonus Section toward the end of the year. I’ve also made little promises to start selling DVDs, including custom compilation DVDs, before ’09 ends. …but in order to do that, I need higher res, right?…

Well, did you notice this entry yet? When I said ‘return’ of the dangercam, I meant it, so look for 640×480 videos coming from that in a few months. I can’t show you any of the few previews I have from it yet because I need new software to process those files -except one. The making of this preview video made my computer crash multiple times, and I’m not trying to lose it. THIS IS THAT FILE’S LINK. THIS IS A CLICKABLE VIDEO LINK. That was a little shaky still, like the older, existing dangercam vids, but that problem will be fixed long before the new vids come up. But even the dangercam won’t be enough. My ultimate goal is this $500 super spy cam that’s tricked out with all the features I’ll need to put the danger of the dangercam to rest, and my current cam to shame. Blackstreetbbw will be an awesome place indeed once I get that!
But in order to do most of that, I need you guys and your beloved patronage! Help make these dreams a reality by JOINING Blackstreetbbw, or staying a member, and/or rejoining! If you don’t have any money, Clicking as many of these pics as possible will help, and so will Clicking as many of these LINKS as possible! Get clicking!
And may we all have a happy new year!