‘Returning the Favor’ to SGurl

I was looking through a forum I was participating in on sgurl and it was suggested to me that I link to sgurl since I had links to my website, blackstreetbbw.com on the endings of most of my forum posts. I didn’t think I should have to do that since those aren’t ‘real links’, but okay… here I am ‘returning the favor. Here’s the link to sgurl
I even made that into a blog post. ….But since sgurl isn’t going to give me a ‘real link’- in fact, back in the day when I was working with Jonas, he’d managed to pull some strings for me and get blackstreetbbw.com’s link on there, and then they later took it down- I’m not going to give them a ‘real link’ either. No hard feelings though- I like sgurl! I just wish there was even more going on on it than there is, and that more of that candid site actually was candid instead of webfind.

Oh yeah, and just so you know, The Blackstreetbbw Fall Special is about to end, so hurry and take advantage of it!

LATER ADDITION: I actually did get contacted thru sgurl over a direct link posting request on me, so I’m glad I did this when I did so I could say it was already up without having to type and date it to do that. I should’ve typed this nicer though.
The pictures of UniquelyMadeDiva that I could post without pulling any member’s area or DVD screencaps stuff from mercedes came from there.

You might be able to find more of these if you go there.

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