I’d Thought This Blog Was A Goner!

Why? Remember This entry on concern over my blog content, and how I’d been in trouble? I’d thought things might be going like they did from here to here with YouTube, and that the official blog of http://www.blackstreetbbw.com would be gone forever.
I thought back then that I should ‘back up’ my blog entries so i’d still have all the characters I’d typed just in case, and was about to kick myself for not doing it and go around emailing everyone who’d linked here to remove thier links and focus on blackstreetbbw.com, but I had to go, and figured I’d have a real answer when I got back. Before I left the house though, I’d checked my site’s stats and found NO traffic at blackstreetbbw.com from this blog and got real worried. When I got back home I’d gotten a positive reply from Mark in support asking what was wrong, and the blog was up. Turns out it was just some downtime of this blog when WordPress 2.7 rolled over. I’d wanted to blame it on that at first, but I have a crap blog also and that one worked just fine then…
Oh, and the Fall Special’s last day is today!

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