Amazing Breasts That Hang Down to Her Knees!!

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Now onto the amazing big breasts webfind blog post and link!

I believe these breasts are totally real because fake breasts that size don’t LOOK or MOVE anything even vaugely like that. Think Chelsea Charms. Plus, if a girl gets a boob job that big, she’s the opposite of shy, and would definately show her face. In fact, now that I’ve just remembered Chelsea Charms, I don’t even think doctors will allow a woman to get implants like this… and they wouldn’t look like this. I’d bet all the money I’ve got that they’re real. If you click the profile icon for the person who uploaded this, you can find ONE MORE VIDEO of her, but this one is the good one.
No more talk. Click the link below, set your face to stunned, and find out why the blog I found this on contained no text except “Holy Shit!!!”
Boobs can get bigger than this I know, but only bbw boobs can do it.

If anybody knows where to find more of her, let me know the link, or email me if it’s a file you have and I’ll tell you how I can accept it!

11 thoughts on “Amazing Breasts That Hang Down to Her Knees!!

  1. Ive been hearing people say that it’s actually a man with some prosthetic fake boobs, and looking at those man like thighs and arms, I believe them. It’s just a little too good to be true. That’s my 2 cents

  2. Fake breasts don’t look like that when they get that size or ever move like that. People are saying that because she is too good to be true, and you know the general rule about things that are too good to be true… Still, since I know it’s possible for breasts to be that size I’m still betting on them being real.

  3. No, they’re not fake as in silicone, but rather fake as in Tina Small/Mastasia stuff. Im still not convinced.

  4. Yeah but if you look at the ones on Mastasia they really do look fake, like all hard and stuff and they bearly move or wobble around etc.

    These actually look like they handle like a real pair of tits, you can see the fat under the skin rippling like they would on a real pair of tits when she handles them. Now if you still think they are fake then they got to be damn good real looking (and prob expensive might I add) fake tits. Too much hassle and money if you ask me to try and fool people, not worth.

    So I’m betting on they are real.

  5. I like that last comment. I don’t dislike it when people disagree with me though, because it makes life more interesting. …but maybe fake tits with those properties WOULD be worth it… Maybe she could cash in on her unusual breast implant properties like Chelsea Charms did. In Jenny B’s case though, that can’t be happening though because if she did all that she’d need to pay for that rack and she’d definately be showing off her face and have money for a better camera.

  6. you can find films on dailymotion where she shows pants, there’s no cock also she lifts breasts up and there’s skin conection. So that’s definetly a woman and tits seems real even if her niples are strange.

  7. One more thing I found other videos where some impostor with ruber boobs is disguising him self as Jenny. If you want to find real thig look for
    JeNNiFeR-B in daily…

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