How the Next/Current Update’s Going to Go

CLICK MY LINKS PLEASE! No one’s using them! When you go to that page and click one, you’re voting for blackstreetbbw! Don’t you want blackstreetbbw to do well so you can have more good candid bbw stuff?!
I’m just making today’s quickie post to let all my candid bbw video lovers know what december’s going to be like. There’s not going to be a lot of activity on to round out the year because I’ve got a lot of work to do. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any updating going on- there will! It just means that there won’t be any new videos until january- probaly week 2 of ’09. I’ve really gotten behind on video descriptions, and I just heard some more comments about how people actually care to read those, so I’ve got to get on those, and speaking of what peeps told me about that they want, it’s long past time for me to be making the site changes that people’ve been asking me to make. THAT means that if you’ve got anything you want me to do to, CLICK HERE..

 New files that aren’t videos, (animated GIFs, VIDCAPs, jpegs, Image Galleries, text files)will be going up too. Let me know what you think of’s changes as I make them. And, members especially, don’t forget to look in the Image Galleries, because there will even be stuff YOU haven’t seen yet in them.
The only video links I’ll be adding are dead link fixes, so if the vid you wanted’s dead, tell me! I’ll be cleaning up the site and working on the next update to come out clean too in january. Then the big carnival updates will be coming out, and I bet you can’t wait for those!
P.S.: This is the first time I’ve used WordPress’s ‘future publish’ feature (although I used it to go BACK in time and publish in the past.). I actually did this entry on the 13th, but I only want to have one update a day posted and post something else for the 13th!

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