Free Super Pear and UniquelyMadeDiva Pics!: Can you find the BBWs now?’s 101st Blog Post! Yay! Celebrate by going to!!

Scroll down for MORE PICS!

I know Super Pear from Mercedesbbw is hot! I know that because she is, and I see it in the fact that the post that preceded the one I emailed Mercedes for permission to make, the one about my initial discovery of Super Pear, has gotten more hits than any other post on this blog- by a long shot.

The problem is, I went on to make a greatly improved version of the original post, (That improved one’s the one linked here, and above) and it seems like nobody can find that. And that’s a problem because, despite my label on the first, crappy post linking people to the good one, people are still having a hard time finding it, and that was the post where you would find UniquelyMadeDiva and Super Pear pics you couldn’t find anywhere else because they were screencaps I made myself. They were my personal UMD and SP contribution to the internet, and nobody even knows it. The UniquelyMadeDiva screencaps came from a video of her at Club Bounce, and the ones of Super Pear came from the video Mercedes used to have on YouTube that she told me I could use. It’s clear that, in spite of all my efforts to steer peeps the right way, nobody was able to find the Super Pear pictures, because they have almost zero views. The UMD pics are short on views too. I’ll admit they’re a little short on quality, but they’re unique, (no pun intended!) so they should have more views on them!
SO, now I’m putting the pics right here so you guys who are getting here for the first time via Google can finally find them

Can you find the hot, sexy, supersized bbws now?

14 thoughts on “Free Super Pear and UniquelyMadeDiva Pics!: Can you find the BBWs now?

  1. just want to know more about her iv got some honeymoon music that would make her reall happy its special, maybe she could help me put it on the market,,,,,,,,,its` really good

  2. god has lost two angels n i found them ps. i wont tell.but i would give the world to have dinner or lunch with super pear my god she is awsome

  3. If you guys need stuff info from mercedes, why are you leaving comments here? I like comments, but if you want to talk to Mercedes, why don’t you go to her site and talk to Mercedes instead of me?

  4. Wow… just, wow. Whata ya gotta do just to sit down and talk with them let alone other stuff… wow.

  5. for i emperor king solomon jahteel do wish to embrace you queen mamie in my arms and give you my love to its fullest extent. what would it take for you to marry me..

  6. All hail to you O most beautiful women in the world. There are none who can be fairer than you all…. I did not know there were women like you until I obtain the use of the internet….. Please respone … 803-625-2367

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