Blackstreetbbw’s Last Blog Post of the Year ’08
Just doing a little ‘year in review that I feel like’ post and letting you know that there will be some sort of update on January 1st, but it probably won’t really get finished until the second. It’ll feel like it was on the second, so it will practically be on the second, but I don’t want to get ’09 off to too late a start in this way, so something will go up on the first, late in the night eastern time.
2008 got off to a really bright start with the very first videos from my current stealth cam going online and the ‘dangercam’ still in use, but things kind of ground to a halt overall progress-wise during the year. I write this post on a pessimistic not because for the from the time the site started in July ’06 until summer ’08, membership always rose overall. It had it’s ups and downs over the weeks, but month to month it always went up in members, even if only by one. At one time blackstreetbbw had 221 members (blackstreetbbw’s always been a little site about big women), but then things went south. Do you know what it was like for me to watch blackstreetbbw, in the course of one month- October- go from 220 members to 180, then to 169 two weeks later? Talk about downsizing. Even my first member, the only person who joined before blackstreetbbw’s first update ever, cancelled his membership during october. October sure was bad. It killed all the progress of the entire year.

Well, now I look forward to starting ’09 with about 178 members on board with me, and wonder how I will make this year what it needs to be with a start like this. I’m still planning on going to D.C. for the inauguration, but it really is starting to sound like that’s going to be a hair-raising, cold-and-madness fighting journey from planning to finish. I know 2009 will be the year shines. I just can’t wait to find out how.

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