Magic Just Happened Today!

I was checking through all of my related stats and stuff just now, and when I looked at my main ShareAPic page I found out I had recieved 20000 free imageloads! They had to be free! There’s no other way it could’ve happened! The only way I could get that many imageloads in 4 hours is if somebody loved my image galleries so much that they looked at every single image I had… all 2500 of them… and then 7 more people like that were doing the same thing at that very same time. It could not have been that some huge website linked to one of them, because if that’d been the case, I’d have a few pics with a zillion views, and that’s not the case. Look at my ShareAPic Profile by clicking any linked image on this blog and then clicking the profile link and you will see.
Sooo…. good for me! I got 20000 free views ($5!), AND I found $5 on the ground the other day, AND I actually hit all my related goals for the day this morning. Now I just need maybe one more new member today, ’cause there’s always room for one more!

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