Big Brown BBW with Tits and Hips: Free Candid Preview Pics Gallery of One of Black Street BBW’s Curviest New Women!

Just wanted to give all my members and non-members a chance to see who’s gonna be making her debut on tomorrow! Members know where she’s going. Non-Members, look for her here (tomorrow or later of course) Finally Getting A Tiny Bit of Competition (And A Story) as More and More New Guys Try Thier Hand In the Candid BBW Video Scene

If you ever decide to start a website of your own start your train of thoughts just like this, like very successfull people, such as the guys who started YouTube did, and like I did when I started Base it on something that bothers you with it’s absence. Is there something you wish you could find on the ‘net? Somebody else is probably wishing that too, so do that first and you could become successful… or at least more successful than you thought. Put something out there that’s not already out there and watch what happens.
  I started back in ‘6 because back then, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted on the internet in any one place, and when you added up all the sites that had even part of what I really wanted, you got two candid paysites and a tiny handfull of blogs, plus a bigger small handfull of non-candid but otherwise dressed, clothed whatever blogs that were related. I wanted a website about curvy black bbw candid videos, but there was no such thing!
Now, there were lots of candid websites, yes, but 95% were about skinny white teens. What is it about candid video where 95% of the videographers want nothing but underage, white, skinny, silly girls and how come 75% of those guys only want the girls on beaches and have 0 acceptance of even catching them in tight clothes elsewhere? Maybe most of the people who take candid photos are young white males, but still. That 95% overwhelming content majority still doesn’t make much sense to me. There are a lot of white men in the world, but that many just like that for 95% of the candid websites to be about skinny white teens. Just makes no sense, but search for candid pics and you’ll probably get the kind of results I did, except better results than the ones I was getting in 2006. When I searched for ‘black candid’ and ‘booty candid’ I found 99% nothing. That’s when I decided that I’d have to make something of my own if I wanted something thick and candid to watch. Plus, models like UniquelyMadeDive, Super Pear, Miosotis and Pear Bottoms hadn’t hit the scene yet, so combine that with other models that weren’t there and there really weren’t the models to fill that extreme void like there are today either.

  I’d gotten my first inkling of desire to film candids a very long time ago, back before 2006, when I realized I was the only one it seemed who was in love with the way thick thighs bulge and curve in the front and how they rub together, so I set out with the camera that you can see in some of my ShareAPic hosted picture galleries if you click ‘View Whole Gallery’, and I went and took a few snaps. Then I got even more scared than I already was and laid off candid activity for a very long time. The final thing that set me on track to create the website was when this then-coworker of mine back when I worked at the Burger King near the university I used to shoot at before I got banned from there, who I mentioned in descriptions for some of my first page oldest videos on the website said I should use the videos I’d been making for a website. That was the spark the set this all off.
For more info on the backstory of blackstreetbbw, click here.
  I guess it’s now time to get on to what we all thought this blog post was going to be about before I got off on all the above storytelling/yapping and tell you that I think I’ve started a little bit of the bbw movement on my own. I’ve had several people email me saying they wanted to make candid camera videos too after seeing mine and needed advice on getting started or comments on some vids they shot. Nobody wanted to get as serious about it as I am, but everybody had a goal or two. Then, of course, there were others who just started making thick curvy candid content without consulting me that started coming up. Some people even look like they were inspired by me, because they used some titles for thier vids that look totally inspired titles I originally used, like ‘mASSive’ and ‘Wide Sway’. Here’s the link to my current favorite little blackstreetbbw ‘competitor’ who only posts his vids on YouTube, and had embedding disabled, so I don’t have to have his attention getting video embeds on my blog to distract you away from JOINING
Big Booty Unlimited.

There are a number of seemingly blackstreetbbw inspired sites that are around now, but were not here in ’06, but I bet that even if they had existed, I’d still’ve started good ol’ blackstreetbbw anyway because‘s still the only site on the ‘net dedicated to bringing you candid videos of curvy black women, and it’s also the only place on the ‘net with candid pregnant videos!

Blackstreetbbw News: Breasts Section Cleaned Up

Blackstreetbbw’s Big Breasted BBWs Site Section has finally been cleaned up! I have officially finished all the initial-ish typing of all of the descriptions in the entire Member’s Area version of the Section, and the Tour, non-member’s version will be following that. Probably on March one. Non-member big bust bbw fans, look for that sectional update to both see what you’ve been missing, and read the candid bbw videography tales you’ve long known existed and have been eagerly waiting for in anticipation. I’m working on the Butts Section now as I edit the videos for The highly anticipated Carnival Part Two Update, and some of the newest pic jpegs ‘ve at least been fixed, so there’s some improvement there for members to see.

There’s a lot of good stuff that should be happening on blackstreetbbw in March, so look out!

Bad New, Bad News, but the Good Carnival Updates are on the Way.

It’s official. has just experienced it’s single worst month in it’s history. But… before I reveal the rest of the bad news, let me bring in the good news for those of you who haven’t been reading my little candid bbw blog here lately. No doubt, many of you reading this came here from to find out what the immediate future of outdoor candid bbw videography held, so I’ll repost the new preview pics for both of the first two carnival updates here:

Okay, now for the rest of the bad news pity rant. All this time in February and I’ve only managed to earn four rebilling members. That means that there are only four people who JOINed in this whole month who have any possibility of billing again in the upcoming month or so. The few other guys that did join only joined for one month and that was it. There’s a little good news here for me, in that failed rebill saves are at an all time high. That means people didn’t have money in thier accounts when they were scheduled to pay again, but I’ve set PayPal to try three times before giving up, and somehow people’s accounts were coming in order for me just in time for the last billing try to work, so they’re still members. Usually I just lose members like that- often for good reason, because they turn out to have forgotten after thier first day or lost interest in it- but this month I’ve been saving them left and right, a big surprise. I’ve also had some people pay twice to JOIN, but then when I contacted them over thier refunds to make sure they could recieve them, they said nothing. I’ve learned by experience that it’s best not to send refunds to people who don’t respond to my emails concerning them- I’ve had a number of those returned to me in the past when I was more generous and sent them anyway- so I’ll be keeping thier extra money then, but I won’t allow two memberships to rebill for one person. Cancelling a duplicate membership for someone is a lot easier for me to do then send them a refund, especially when money is tight. (Make sure you click the pics above so I can hurry up and get this ShareAPic payment I’m about to qualify for!)

One of the double subscribers had an email that ended in .jp, so I’m figuring that individual likely didn’t speak english too well, and if so that would explain why he ignored my reply for refund email. Of course, maybe he just gave an email address he wasn’t going to check, like I would do. Anyways, maybe if I’d been brushing up on my japanese- you can learn a lot of that by watching original animes and other videos on YouTube XD- then maybe I’d’ve been better able to communicate the issue to him. Oh well. I’m not going to learn a foreign language just to send somebody thier refund for $3.50 when I could just keep his money for free!
my website‘s also been getting ‘grade F’ traffic lately; I lose traffic there even as the blog continues to grow. Well I promise I’m on it on the website, as this post will hopefully show. I’m tired of reshowing old stuff, but the new stuff’s been so time consuming lately. I’ve got lots of plans to save blackstreetbbw in March, so expect things to improve.

To conclude this post, I have no idea why February was so bad. January was almost record setting good, with new members every day, but starting on the first, things just ran dry. Oh yeah, and I actually did take the time to learn a tiny bit of japanese so my favorite animes would make just a little more sense.

Jiggling Breast Free Video Success: My YouTube Video Got A Comment On It’s Very First View!

Wow! This Preview Video got a comment after just two views! Cool! I think it might’ve gotten a comment from it’s very first one, but it probably came from the second viewer.

Still, isn’t that cool?
Why not take some pics of her too? Make sure you SCROLL THROUGH these galleries, because as you keep clicking next or previeous keeps getting paid- and you keep getting a new pic to view! Click a pic below to get started!

2000 Page Views & 4 Days for Black Street [SS]BBW’s Blog to be A Growing Blog Still, & It Looks Like It’s Gonna be A Photo Finish!

Scroll down or click here to skip to my YouTube video post!

Or, click here to skip to the website this blog’s all about!

The Blog of Black Street BBW managed to get onto the WordPress list of Growing Blogs by increasing it’s page viewing every month for six consecutive months, but with february only having 28 days and this little bbw blog not gaining a new big traffic partner or getting another blog and web site review this month, it’s been tough getting the traffic. I’ve been getting it though, so that means that I’ve been getting my traffic here pretty much all by myself via search engines instead plus my normal link traffic, instead of getting boosts from others, but I could use a boost from others right now! I have to thank Hugey at HugeHeavyBreasts for his advice on how to bring in more search engine traffic, advice I read more about and even got to pass along myself.
This blog needs 500 views a day for four days to make it! Once I get growth out of February, growth out of March’ll be guaranteed and I’ll be happy. So… if you like this blog, come back and visit it each day until March to help boost the numbers up to 500 daily!

Also click some picture links and SCROLL through the picture galleries because blackstreetbbw’s only a couple cents away from a much desired payout!

Candid Black BBW YouTube Clips: Free BBW & SSBBW Videos from Streets & Stores!

Just making this little free YouTube bbws post here to promote blackstreetbbw . I want to see what effect a vid post here of my YouTube video channel advertising the hot, thick, curvy and sexy bbws, ssbbws, and plumpers with big breasts, butts and thighs and curves to spare will have on my link traffic here, on my YouTube channel, and on black street bbw . Notice all the keywords? Now on to the list of free videos of black and white women on my hidden candid camera! Let’s get the secret out so everybody knows about blackstreetbbw!
The picture quality of my videos is better on my web site.

Black Street Bbw is Thrown Off/Out of Another Place! (On the ‘Net This Time!)

It looks like something I’ve been doing with my site,, has bothered a bbw pixie. Remember this post about blackstreetbbw’s brief moment at the top? Well, it turns out that the length of my stay at the top of the chart wasn’t the only thing that turned out to be so much briefer than I wanted it to be. Blackstreetbbw has been completely thrown off the bigbuttbbws uk toplist! And that was my biggest sender of link traffic too! Dang!
 What did I do? I didn’t even have the link on this blog anymore. That’s what I did with my BBW Registry link too, since they were my biggest source of traffic at the time I made my links page and I didn’t want to risk raising an issue with them if they had some sort of problem with linking to thier list from two places. I was worried they’d call that cheating, but I really felt the chance slight, and went on to put the rest of the links on there, and you guys can keep clicking them for me. The Big Butt BBWs UK big booty link was taken down long before I got removed/banned from there list, but it was left in that post. Still, I wonder a little why blackstreetbbw was removed and what could be done about it, so I emailed the webmaster of the list. The only reason I had thier email was because they’d sent me an email since I was on thier old list letting them know it was changing to it’s current form that I was on. Trying to find thier contact info through my address book looked hopeless, but I put in that search of emails for the word ‘toplist’ and found the old email. The email didn’t get returned to me, so I know the address is real, but let’s see if I actually get a response. I hate how when your content gets deleted from the internet by someone they never tell you what the problem was, and if they give you an reason at all, it doesn’t count because it’s something like “TOS violation”.

Made Some Changes to My Blog, and Doesn’t Anyone Else Have Roaches?

This is a little bit of a filler post. It starts with my typical link to and goes on to my ‘news’. But I read just today that if you want your blog to be popular, filler blog posts, which seem harmless enough, can actually do your blog some harm if you’re trying to get repeat readers. What if a new reader visits and a filler post is on the top? Will that person be interested? Probably not. I’d given that some thought before making that blog traffic return viewer making retention ‘discovery’ when I was thinking about what my blog was looking like to new visitors back when posts like this one were all over the front of my blog, but I still ended up having to read Alex’s comment, which of course came just before I had the chance to fix the problem after realizing it was there. I still needed to read that little page though.
The page I was reading emphasized the fact that one of the things you need to do in order to turn as many new readers into repeat readers as possible is to make every post memorable. So… I guess I better make put something in here to make this one memorable now! If you’re still reading this post you need to remember this blog because it is one of the few and most active blogs on the internet that are mainly about cool, curvy black bbws caught on candid camera, but that’s not all of course! It’s got all my favorite webfinds, original content (visual content actually created by me and not downloaded from somewhere else!), and in addition to the candid bbw and plumper pictures, it’s got a bunch of my thoughts and stories about my candid video experiences shooting candid camera (candid here means videos taken without the subject woman’s knowledge and/or permission) for!Not too many sites or blogs on the internet like that.
  But what about the roaches?! You said there was something here about cockroaches, but I don’t see any roaches anywhere! Not here, or in my house! Well, let me get to that. I’d like to say that I’m happy with the responses I’m finally getting in all my old polls. my last attempt to repost polls to get people to vote in them failed miserably, but this time it’s working. I created Weird Category post, The Cockroach Poll back in October, but nobody actually voted in either of it’s polls until now. If you want to vote in it too, just go down to the next entry and vote. Voting will never close. I’m happy now that these posts are getting more votes now than they ever did, but I’m a little unhappy to find out that I’m the only person in the world with both roaches and an internet connection. Everyone so far has voted ‘I don’t have roaches!’ except me. If you have roaches, don’t leave a comment and tell me or everyone. Go vote in the fun Cockroach Poll!
I’d also like to point out changes I made to the widgets in the sidebar. Now you can even subscribe to this blog as a feed! Then there are top posts on there too, and that Meta widget is gone. How cool is all that?
I really need to update blackstreetbbw.

One More Time!: The Blog of Black Street BBWs’ Polls Need A Few More Votes In Them to Satisfy Me!

It seems like the easiest way to solicit feedback is to use polls, so I’d better use some to get some more for my main site, especially since rewarding people with a free preview video for filling out the very brief questionaire with a tease pic to lure them in for it worked really good back in the day when I did that. (Anyone remember blackstreetbbw ’06?). Still though, I really want to see a few more votes in these polls (all of them!), so pick through them and vote! I’ve also included opening-in-a-new-window links for you to use in case you want to view the original post to see what it was about before you cast a vote. Have fun, and click the polls and vote please!

Click here for a direct link to a quickie post of a fun poll

If a woman I was thinking about taping says something aloud that could enhance the erotic value of my videos is that a sign I should’ve taped her(Whether I was doing it or not)?

Who’s the Hottest Now?

Favorite Preview Video:

Cockroach Poll (lol)

Candid Camera Carnival Update Preview: Part Two of The Black BBW Candid Carnival Days

All of these pics are from the videos in the next update of Go there to see a lot more pics and video like this!

Blackstreetbbw’s Carnival Updates Coming In a Matter of Hours!

That’s right! In just a few hours blackstreetbbw’s Carnival updating will begin! The updates are going to start going up a little ‘partsy’ because you guys have been wating too long for this so I just need to get some files up, but clean up is also under way! Get ready to enjoy some new member’s area vids, and non-members get ready to see blackstreetbbw Tour updated soon after! Sorry this has taken so long, but the part one carnival vids were a pain in the ass to make. They took a super long time to do. The first vids, as I said before are the least interesting ones, so if you like these, then you’ll love the rest! If you don’t like these, it might have something to do with the fact that The Blackstreetbbw Butts Section unfortunately will not be updated this time around because I found no nice rumps on the first day of the carnival. What a dissapointment. Stay tuned to though, because the other days did have those! Nice big round ones. Just you wait. I just don’t want you to have to wait that long. Check out tommorrow’s post for a preview.