Is This Off Topic?
I just saw the movie ‘Witless Protection’ a few days ago and had gotten a mind to blog about this part in it that I couldn’t find a video to use here for during my half assed search of the internet. I then put off posting until now because I logged into WordPress, went to Failblog instead of my blog, and got too distracted by the cuteness of this image to do anything productive.
Larry’s sister Bernice “Boy, is she a big ‘un”. It didn’t really do anything for me when he said “We went to the Daytona 500,
and she wore a Goodyear T-shirt,
and some pilot crawled up her ass
and tried to fly her.”

but then they got to the scene where they went over to the doctor’s house and Bernice was upstairs. When she walked, the house shook and made lots of noise. You wondered what was happening, but that was just Bernice going to the bathroom, and that made a lot of noise too… but not the noise you might first think. Sounded more like when I pour water out of a bucket into the toilet. “Oh, she’s just taking a pee.” I was like “Man, how big could that woman possibly be? How did she get up to the second floor?” I thought women that big were supposed to be bedridden. So I guess that means for all the ultrassbbw size women lovers, that ‘means’ he had a like, 1000 pound woman that could still get around on her own steam. What more could an F.A. who fantasizes about that kind of woman want then to be in her husband’s shoes I thought? Well maybe one where
“sometimes she needs
help with the, uh…”
doesn’t apply. Her husband had to go upstairs and help her with something in the bathroom. But still, that scene just got the gears in my head turning, and I’d made a point to talk about it. If anybody has a link to that scene, share it please.

One thought on “Is This Off Topic?

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