Blackstreetbbw Almost Got Deleted from the Internet and Would’ve Needed to be Entirely Re-upped!

It’s a good thing I decided to check my stats for blackstreetbbw before leaving the house instead of waiting until I came home and expecting a pile of messages! I looked at my web stats and noticed that they’d scarcely increased since a few hours before! I checked saw that it’d been over two hours since I’d gotten a visitor and was like, this is too bad to be true. Something must be up! Went to blackstreetbbw and got a message saying this site is currently unavailable. Oh no! Downtime… or worse? Did I not have my domain and hosting (paid two years in advance, last done two years ago) plans not set to rebill at the same time?

Went to and my suspicions were conirmed. My domain name payment wasn’t due till May, but there was the message on my hosting plan screen: FAILED PAYMENT. And you know what? The news could have been worse, because if two years had rebilled at once right then, my rent payment wouldn’t’ve been able to go through! The only reason it failed (so I still had my rent money in my account) is because I’d just paid my cable internet bill out of that account. But still. Darn. I checked my webspace to see if my files were still in it, but of course I couldn’t access anything more than a blank screen. I was thinking I might have to call customer service, and that the payment must’ve been scedued for earlier and they gave me time to have it go through, and that I might have to re-up the web pages first, letting people know what had happened and that I’d have to re-upload everything and they’d have to be patient as blackstreetbbw regrew from my hard drive. I paid the bill right away, but only bought one month so I could still pay rent, and in two weeks I need to pay again (Time they gave me for the payment to try and go through must have been deducted from my purchased time.)

Because of that blackstreetbbw was down for 2 hours, 30 minutes and 28 seconds after going down at noon today. Glad when I saw a new member join so I knew for sure blackstreetbbw worked again, I was relieved. I had not made enough money that day to be able to afford a bunch of profitless days.

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