A Thunder Thigh Candid SSBBW Dream Somewhere

Whatever you do for a living will likely influence the kinds of dreams you have, so when something like a candid camera such as blackstreetbbw is part of what you do for a living, you start having some really beautiful dreams.
You might have some nightmares too, but I haven’t gotten there yet! I just have, um, daymares, where I’m just thinking about the bad things that could happen in while I’m awake.

I had a really cool candid camera dream the other night and wanted to share what I was still able to remember after waking. If I remember right, I had forgotten what had happened in the first half of the dream by the time I got to the second, but I remember all the most important parts of what happened after that- the sizes of the women!

This second half got off to a weird start. There was this old jogging route my other and I used to use in the dream world when I was little in it, I’d gone to visit her, and we decided to take it again. Only this time we did it in a car. For a while things just looked like good ‘ol memory lane, but then things got weird, because somehow a part of my town found it’s way onto that old route. Plus, it was a route meant to be taken on foot, so driving it had us all on sidewalks and lawns and whatnot and nobody cared. She decided we should stop for a break- as if all that driving was supposed to have tuckered us out- at this big prominent building in town that we had driven into. Yes, somehow we drove right into the building. Then we started looking around thier visitor’s center type area that was strangely empty. Then somehow we got seperated in that big empty place. As I looked around for mom, the place suddenly started filling with bbw! More people kept coming in as I kept looking, so it’s like I found every woman except my mom. And that was good.

  There were a few plumper women in there, but I think the average weight of the women in there was in the range from 400 pounds to 600 pounds, and there were no potbellies in there! No tits either, really. Just tons and lbs. and tons (literally lol) of bottom heavy ssbbws with big time thundet thighs. Didn’t see any women I’d taped before in there, but I did see some women who were thrown into this dream to remind me of women I’d seen before. I know that one of them looked like the girl from this blackstreetbbw girl from the video file “THIGHBigThighsBrightenRedLen.wmv”. When you use the link I just gave you, you’ll probably have to scroll down more to get to her if the pictures load after the shortcut drops you off on her page. She’s the really big girl in jeans and a stripey shirt bending over in with a shopping basket. Her description opens with “BIG THIGHS!!” and will be on your left. An expanded version of everyone’s favorite woman from the black spandex pants preview video was there too, and that’s where the trouble came in in the dream.

MAN these women were big. There were lots of other ssbbws in there too- older ones, younger ones, black ones, white ones, and some ‘regular sized’ bbws too, but many of these women were larger than life itself so I had to tape them! Just as I always see happening in my candid camera dreams, my camera would not start recording. How come every time I have a candid camera dream my camera will come on, but it won’t let me scroll to record, then when it does it won’t record anything!? My cam didn’t get me any video, but it did give me other trouble. I’m just glad I didn’t ever manage to run into my mom again during the course of this dream.

 Here’s what this phase of the dream was kind of about and where in my life I think some parts came from. Once upon a time when I worked at the university Burger King (a.k.a. Hungry Jack’s as I think some of you foreigners call it) and this particular one had a solarium area you could sit in that I’d taken advantage of for my break. Seeing me in there quietly minding my own business, so ditzy girls decided to come in there, sit at my table and bug me. I liked it though because the main girl I was talking to, while she was giggling and whatnot her rack was all over the table. I mean, if the table had had a spill on it, she’d’ve wiped it all up! Okay, I’m exaggerating a little, but that’s still why I was happy watching her try to laugh and smoke an imaginary joint at the same time. A BK uniform on your back can make it hard to score a girl like that even if she came over to play with you, so nothing happened later, but recently I’d gotten to thinking- “What if there were more of them, and all of them were big and sat down all around me? And what if the tried to kidnap me and use their large weights to push me around and into car, and then smother me in there. And what if they all came in the same car?!” Wow.

And do you remember how I got busted bad by the black spandex pants girl, and how it happened again? Well, put those two together, and you see where the dream was going. Just after the ultra ssbbw clique pressured me into going for a litte[big?] ride with them, but just before thier kind intimidation got me into thier car, the dream changed! Damn bad, right? Not really!

  The women around me in this next phase were not as big, but other than that it was a candid camera extravaganza explosion! I was at this big carnival held for a high school, and it must’ve been a magical school for fat girls, because I’ve never seen that many blackstreetbbw women around in my life or my dreams! Huge curvy teens everywhere, and not a boy or teacher in sight! Well, not quite, but pretty much the only ones there were the girls, and I was thinking, “I’ve been busted several times alreayd, so if there were actually any teachers here (not chaperones, because the school was right down the street. Had I seen that school in another dream? Hmm) I’d’ve been thrown out of this place and been in serious trouble!” I saw huge young ladies every for all five main Site Sections, and my camera was working, so it was everywhere!

I know I’ve been saying this for too long, but I’m going to go back through my older posts about dreams and fill them in, and I can do that because I took notes on them before I forgot them. Once I do that, I’ll add ‘Dreams’ to the list of blog categories on right and try to draw and scan some sketches so you can get ideas of what I saw.

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