It’s the Jennifer B Huge Breasts Video Set!

I found 9 minutes of video footage of the mysterious long breasts hottie Jennifer B (JenniferB) spread across 10 little webcam camshow type videos
here on DailyMotion! Maybe you saw my other post on Jennyb, but this is the one you need to see if you want to see those huge breasts spread out all over her lap and somehow magically stretching just about all the way down to her knees. JenniferB’s got nipple rings and lactation in her big milk jug hangers videos. Click the link I just gave you now to see what you want to see!
Don’t forget to visit for more mind blowingly massive tit racks!

6 thoughts on “It’s the Jennifer B Huge Breasts Video Set!

  1. if it’s a dude he was serious enough about doing this that he had his dick and balls removed, if you watch you see vag. i do believe the rack’s fake though, now, after watching a slowed down video on blackstreet. the skin reacts more like liquid filled latex of some sort rather than living flesh.

  2. One thing though is that some breasts are a little firmer than others, and they can be pretty well supported too. I still think these are most likely fake, but these are very good fakes if they are. That’s why I like ’em. If you have to debate if they’re fake or not, that’s a good thing!

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