The Super Thick Thunder Thigh Sistas Have Come Out In Force!

I’d been trying to actually avoid shooting candid videos lately. You know, lay low for a while since it’s still been cold out and come out when the women come out and the layers of clothes come off, but I couldn’t do that. I have to get back to making candids because the women wouldn’t let me stop! Especially the thunder thigh ones! I was trying to make the lion’s share of what’s done for update work, not video production, but all of these real big, extra thick thunderous thunder thigh bbws and ssbbws kept coming out and stopping me! To give you and idea of how many hot fat black american females I was seeing, I couldn’t even go past the damn pet store without stopping. I was going by it, when my bbw radar or something told me to look back behind me, and when I turned around, I saw the thickest woman I’ve ever seen that was headed into the pet store for fish. I’d seen bigger women with bigger thighs and much nicer, shaplier shapes before… but not in a pet store fish shopping. I remember going into that store a zillion times to buy fish and fish related merchandise and never seeing a woman that curvy and sexy and thick in there, and she was with friends! They were inferior to her, but they were still thick and fine enough. They left the store and I went after them, but they started looking back outside at me to see if I’d follow them into the next store, so I didn’t do that. I sure wanted to though, but before I’d racked up enough time to regret that I’d gone over to the grocery store, found nothing, and when I peeked my head back outside there was another one! Another thick thunder thigh sexy woman heading into the pet store, just screaming for the 640×480 attention of the danger cam! And she was even bigger than the last one! A lot bigger! This woman was an ssbbw, and you know how fat accumulates on the front of a woman’s thighs first, then on the sides, but then when the legs get really big a lot of times it just keeps going out to the sides and around the back, but some women just seriously pile that cellulite on to the front of thier thighs? I hope I described that well enough, because I’m too busy to edit out any pics, especially since my movie editor really hates the danger cam vids a whole lot more than the regular stealth secret hidden camera and it will likely crash. But yeah, sticking all the way out in the front and mushing and folding around, that’s what the fat on her legs was doing. The best view of her was definately the side, because when she was in the pet store looking at those puppies, I was in there looking at those puppies (Okay, I glaced at a third puppy because it was cute.) and I was really liking that profile view. Her thunder thighs were sticking out forward from her crotch as far out as her belly was, and that was a very nice thing. I just wished they’d actually gone out farther in front of her than her belly! How often do you see a bbw or plumper or chubby or whatever whose thighs stick significantly further out in front of her than her stomach? Her rear view was nice too, but not the front, so I skipped the straight on frontal I usually would do anything for and went for a diagnogal. I couldn’t tape her as long as I wanted because I didn’t start out with a fresh memory card, so I had to get my footage and then wait for her to finish looking at puppy dogs so I could shoot the finale of her leaving the store on her cell phone. Also gotta love how a phone distracts a candid subject! Her video would’ve been meatier if I’d had more memory, but it couldn’t’ve been much better, because I got all the goods.

  I tried to get home, but then I ran across a stuck super curved thigh massive, hefty thunder thigh ssbbw who was also trying to do that, but her car had broken down! I almost broke down and had to tape her, but standing there was a little akward, and I had to turn the video resolution down back to 320×240 on the dangercam or I’d run slam out of memory without finishing the vid. She really needed those extra pixels- and some help with her car- but I couldn’t do her for either. Oh, and before all this there was a big jiggly juicy thighed woman leaving Wal-Mart- man her thighs were big! They were the big all around kind I was talking about above. The today I saw another woman like that while I was fooling around in Virginia Beach (all the women I’m discussing today likely came out because the past two days were unseasonably warm, and people had thier tax money still and Valentine’s Day is coming). That woman was even bigger! I was trying to leave the mall, but I couldn’t leave until she finished leaving!

In conclusion, I hope you like mega thick thunder thighs in tight pants, jeans or tights as much as I do (or more!) because I sure have good stuff coming in the future! Speaking of stuff coming, the update’s almost ready!

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