Blackstreetbbw’s Carnival Updates Coming In a Matter of Hours!

That’s right! In just a few hours blackstreetbbw’s Carnival updating will begin! The updates are going to start going up a little ‘partsy’ because you guys have been wating too long for this so I just need to get some files up, but clean up is also under way! Get ready to enjoy some new member’s area vids, and non-members get ready to see blackstreetbbw Tour updated soon after! Sorry this has taken so long, but the part one carnival vids were a pain in the ass to make. They took a super long time to do. The first vids, as I said before are the least interesting ones, so if you like these, then you’ll love the rest! If you don’t like these, it might have something to do with the fact that The Blackstreetbbw Butts Section unfortunately will not be updated this time around because I found no nice rumps on the first day of the carnival. What a dissapointment. Stay tuned to though, because the other days did have those! Nice big round ones. Just you wait. I just don’t want you to have to wait that long. Check out tommorrow’s post for a preview.

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