Made Some Changes to My Blog, and Doesn’t Anyone Else Have Roaches?

This is a little bit of a filler post. It starts with my typical link to and goes on to my ‘news’. But I read just today that if you want your blog to be popular, filler blog posts, which seem harmless enough, can actually do your blog some harm if you’re trying to get repeat readers. What if a new reader visits and a filler post is on the top? Will that person be interested? Probably not. I’d given that some thought before making that blog traffic return viewer making retention ‘discovery’ when I was thinking about what my blog was looking like to new visitors back when posts like this one were all over the front of my blog, but I still ended up having to read Alex’s comment, which of course came just before I had the chance to fix the problem after realizing it was there. I still needed to read that little page though.
The page I was reading emphasized the fact that one of the things you need to do in order to turn as many new readers into repeat readers as possible is to make every post memorable. So… I guess I better make put something in here to make this one memorable now! If you’re still reading this post you need to remember this blog because it is one of the few and most active blogs on the internet that are mainly about cool, curvy black bbws caught on candid camera, but that’s not all of course! It’s got all my favorite webfinds, original content (visual content actually created by me and not downloaded from somewhere else!), and in addition to the candid bbw and plumper pictures, it’s got a bunch of my thoughts and stories about my candid video experiences shooting candid camera (candid here means videos taken without the subject woman’s knowledge and/or permission) for!Not too many sites or blogs on the internet like that.
  But what about the roaches?! You said there was something here about cockroaches, but I don’t see any roaches anywhere! Not here, or in my house! Well, let me get to that. I’d like to say that I’m happy with the responses I’m finally getting in all my old polls. my last attempt to repost polls to get people to vote in them failed miserably, but this time it’s working. I created Weird Category post, The Cockroach Poll back in October, but nobody actually voted in either of it’s polls until now. If you want to vote in it too, just go down to the next entry and vote. Voting will never close. I’m happy now that these posts are getting more votes now than they ever did, but I’m a little unhappy to find out that I’m the only person in the world with both roaches and an internet connection. Everyone so far has voted ‘I don’t have roaches!’ except me. If you have roaches, don’t leave a comment and tell me or everyone. Go vote in the fun Cockroach Poll!
I’d also like to point out changes I made to the widgets in the sidebar. Now you can even subscribe to this blog as a feed! Then there are top posts on there too, and that Meta widget is gone. How cool is all that?
I really need to update blackstreetbbw.

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