Blackstreetbbw News: Breasts Section Cleaned Up

Blackstreetbbw’s Big Breasted BBWs Site Section has finally been cleaned up! I have officially finished all the initial-ish typing of all of the descriptions in the entire Member’s Area version of the Section, and the Tour, non-member’s version will be following that. Probably on March one. Non-member big bust bbw fans, look for that sectional update to both see what you’ve been missing, and read the candid bbw videography tales you’ve long known existed and have been eagerly waiting for in anticipation. I’m working on the Butts Section now as I edit the videos for The highly anticipated Carnival Part Two Update, and some of the newest pic jpegs ‘ve at least been fixed, so there’s some improvement there for members to see.

There’s a lot of good stuff that should be happening on blackstreetbbw in March, so look out!

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