So Far So Good, but It’s Still too Early to Tell

Thanks a lot to all of the bbw, ssbbw and plumper lover boys out there that aren’t against candid camera voyeur stuff and like to keep it legal and black, (Okay, not quite ‘and black’ ’cause you guys probably know there are a number of tasty white women on blackstreetbbw too.) that have been supporting so far, but we can’t stop here, so don’t go stopping on me now!
To give you an idea of how things turned around, January was great, all the way up to the very last day, February sucked balls starting on the very first day and running terribly all month long, and then things have gotten so much that I’ve made almost the same ammount of money off blackstreetbbw in the first two days of March as I did in the last two weeks of February! Six months ago I added the Six Month with Loyalty Bonus JOINING option to blackstreetbbw, and the first two to rebill have both done it! They stayed all six months!
I’m working very hard on blackstreetbbw to please all the members, so stay with me guys, and blackstreetbbw will be able to get a lot better.
 Speaking of you guys being with me, I still need new linking partners, so consider this to be an open invitiation for anyone with a relevant web site that wants to link to and exchange traffic with blackstreetbbw! I’m serious on traffic building, so if anyone’s got a blog or website that has anything to do with titties, booties, bbws, thunder thighs, chubby plumpers or candids or whatever, if you want a little of my traffic, drop me a line

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