I’m Not Even Going to Name This One Right, Because I Should’ve Made This Little Post So Long Ago.

It was about time I’d had a real dream! A real candid videography voyeurism dream. That was what I’d been thinking at the time, after working on blackstreetbbw for so long. You know how dreams aren’t entirely random, because you usually dream about people and places you know, or have dreams that have parts that have to do with problems in your life, or with what you do every day? …Or about what’s on TV or in your stomach because you ate or drank too much and then went to sleep with the TV on. Well, I’d been thinking, that as much I’d been putting into blackstreetbbw, I ought to have a dream about it some time. A real dream. I’d had some really weak ones, conataining subjects so weak they almost put my average day to shame, when your dreams are supposed to me more extreme than real life!
  Well, I finally had a dream with a truly exaggerated, and thus truly dream-worthy subject. Remember now, though, that this is a while back I’m talking about, so I couldn’t remember much then besides the most important part, and now I can’t remember anything besides the most important part. What did I dream about? A white girl in Wal-Mart with an ass like Jello’s! Who’s ‘Jello’? She’s this wedding planner in this ‘Date Movie’. She’s a little hard to google, or find on YouTube, so try this link ’till you see her. That’s exactly what that white girl I was following in my dream looked like. And unlike all my other candid camera dreams, my cam was actually working in this one. I went to another store in this dream too, but I can’t remember any of that. I just remember being at a Wal-Mart that looked like the one in Virginia Beach I go to, and being over on the refridgerated side following this young white piece of tail.
Well that’s it for today. Surprisingly non-wordy for a wordy post by me, huh?

Now go to blackstreetbbw.com.

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