Are They Talking About Me?

 Ugh! I’d just typed this entire post, but when I went to officially post it, I

noticed the name had a typo in it, so I corrected it and hit ‘Post’, and poof! My whole

post was gone and all I had was the correction! When I went back for the draft I had

save, it was gone too, due to the name change! I had to remake this entire post all over

again, so this post officially messed up a large portion of my early morning! What’s

ironic is that I had explicitly mentioned in what I’d typed that I always copy the text

of any lengthy comments or postings I make anywhere before I hit whatever submission

button they have there, so in case an error occurs I won’t lose all my work, then, as

soon as I say that in a post, I lose the whole post because I didn’t do it! Aaarrgh! I

jynxed myself!
  Okay. Here we go again. I did not type all that stuff for naught. Now that I

blew off some steam playing Starcraft, I’m ready to type it all again, this time with the

positive thought that the first time was a rough draft. Yeah, that’s it. Just like in

school, that was a rough draft, and now I’m writing the final copy- in Notepad, rather

than WordPress, where I don’t have to worry about that, or a bunch of unneccesary

features slowing my computer down and filling up it’s virtual memory as time passes- so

it’ll be better… once I copy it in from backup
  You can say that being the webmaster of has given me just a

bit of an ego issue, because I now like to think that I’ve influenced people on the

candid or bbw scenes. Every now and then somebody will email me for advice on how to find

a model, start a web site, or shoot a candid video, because they’re interested in my work

and how I get away with it all- and get paid too- but they’re not the one’s I’m talking

about. I’m talking about people who I think went to blackstreetbbw, didn’t like what they saw, and

then took note of what I’ve done as what not to do on thier site, which they of course

launched after blackstreetbbw. The

fact they didn’t find what they wanted on blackstreetbbw is significant because that’s why

you start a website. I mean, you could do it because you have something to

contribute, but if want to make any money, you have to base your website on fixing what

you see as wrong with the internet. I founded because there were almost no

sites with candid bbw videos on them, and to this day there’s not a single pay site that

offers the kind of offering I have, although if you crawl all over the web, you can find

places that come close, but those usually don’t have videos, and are hard as heck to

find. That was what was wrong with the internet before blackstreetbbw came around, and now I’m fixing

that with it.
I went to this new candid booty in jeans photograph paysite, whose

name I can’t remember, because if I could’ve remembered it or found it, I’d’ve told you

the name, and it said something that struck me. They mentioned on there that unlike some

other sites, thiers only had the best shots. No blurry, distant or whatever shots. The

way the guy said it though, makes it sound like he went to blackstreetbbw, found the stupendous sizes of

some of those incredible women to just be too much for him to handle and, whether he was

pleased wit the site or not, he found a bunch of pics on it that he didn’t like due to

poor quality, and that’s part of why he said what he said on his website’s tour. I know a

lot of people probably don’t love blackstreetbbw‘s vidcaps, but blackstreetbbw is a video site. Still

though, a lot of my classic vids especially, are kind of bad.
For those of you

who’re still reading this but haven’t clicked any of the blackstreetbbw links yet, blackstreetbbw‘s a website featuring all of the

videos of very shapely, curvy overweight women that I made with the secret candid camera

I keep in my pocket when I’m in public.
I also went to BBWSource a long time ago and saw a posting

that Jonas referred to as mASSive. I feel he got that from me, because I’d never seen

somebody type that until after I typed mASSive as a video title on one of blackstreetbbw’s classic videos. In fact, my ego

problem makes me kind of think that BBWSource exists because I personally got

Jonas hooked on extreme bbw bodies after his viewing of blackstreetbbw! That might be a bold assertment

just because JonasPics was replaced by BBWSource after Jonas viewed blackstreetbbw,

but… well… I do kind of feel that way still.
  Here’s the story where things really got me off on this thing about me

influencing the people of the web with the things I produced that they didn’t like.
I first discovered Valerie of on this YouTube video

‘Voluptuous Valerie Walk’ (Don’t quit reading just because I’m posting a video here! You

must go on and finish reading below after the show if you read this far!)

Still reading? Good! I’m the one who used his not-deleted YouTube account to say

“I rated your video 5 stars! Wish I could’ve done more! You need to make a website

where you show off your beauty and people pay to join! You don’t even have to strip! You

just really need to do it! I would join right away!” a year ago. She responed to my

comment with a private message saying starting a website’s exactly what she’d just done.

I replied with an offer to do a link trade with blackstreetbbw, knowing that as a bbw,

she might not like that website, because I know I needed traffic, and if her site was

brand new, maybe she needed some more too. I never got a response after that. Later on

though, when she added this video of her bowling a strike to her channel: (Again, don’t
stop reading now! Keep reading! I’m not typing this for my health! I’m typing this so you
can read it! Read it all! You must! 😡 )

I tried to post a comment on it, but I couldn’t. I copied the comment so I could paste it

and try again, but to no avail. I even saved it into a text file so I could try again on

another day. I’d seen that she’d been surprisingly pissed over a seemingly safe comment

about the background of the video, when I combined that maybe she didn’t like some of the

comments she was getting, with what I’d experienced with her, I’d thought she might’ve

banned me!
I still have that comment saved, so I just tried it again with my new YouTube account…

*tries to leave comment since the videos already open in a tab* Anyways, this is the comment I wanted to leave:
“I saw this on your profile and watched it so many times I couldn’t leave this site without saying something! Way to go! No offense with this question, but do your hips get in the way of your arms sometimes? I’m a man that just gets curious as to what life must be like for the bbws I admire, & the arms do kind of have to go around the hips of pear shaped women. Oh, & also, was everything ‘perfectly normal’ there or were people behind you (not including the friends) enjoying the view of your game?”
I even tried changing it in case that would make it appear! I guess she jsut moderates most of her comments out or something.
  That experience set, combined with the fact that I tole her that blackstreetbbw existed, the fact it existed before did I think, and the fact that I at first thought Val typed the joining reasons on her home page herself, made my thoughts of my influence come on bright when I read this message a guy sent out for her:
“this a very well-done site, worth the membership and then some. Why? Glad you asked…”

“2) Videos that are long and well produced – well-lit, on a camera that was made sometime in the current millennia, costing over $150,
with a cameraperson who isn’t having a gran mal seizure, who is able to remove themselves from the moment enough to
know that shooting the bedspread with an ankle accidentally making its way into the frame does not a good video make.”

Maybe you should call it guilty concious instead, because I know that my older classic videos especially, were guilty of all those things. Even thought it was some ‘tres huevos’ guy who said that, maybe he’d been put off by those blackstreetbbw flaws too and was thinking about them, conciously or unconciously when he said that.

That was an aweful lot of typing to redo because WordPress’s software tossed my whole post, and lost all the past revisions! Whew! And it delayed me typing my next post, because I could’ve been tpying that instead!

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