You Can Read the Stories Now, Because Black Street Butts Section’s Almost Cleaned Up!

First the Breasts Section, [almost]now the Butts Section!
That’s right! Well, if you’ve been clicking any blackstreetbbw links lately, I should be saying “That’s right!” to you, because, especially if you’re not a blackstreetbbw .com member, but you have been visiting the site from time to time looking for updates, you’ll be really glad to hear that I’m just about finished with the Butts Section segment of the site cleanup. That means, that by the time you read this, you will also be able to go to Page 8 of the Butts Section, which is already done, save for bonus links, and Page 7 of the Butts Section, too, and be able to read there! A number of folks, back before I blackstreetbbw had a blog, referred to the main site as a blog, or noted the bloggish qualities it had. I never really saw it the way they do or did, so I just took that and the “I like your stories too” comments all together to with the way my visitorship stats were changing to mean that people needed more video description bbw stories to read there.
Well, like I said, it’s just about done now! Soon, it’ll be on to the mess that is the Thighs Section!
I was originally only going to go down to the red description video before moving on to the Thighs Section, then only to the bottom of the 8th Butts Page, but I’m kind of glad I went all the way through now, so I have two Sections ‘done’.

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